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Cozumel Eco Adventure Jungle Park, ATV, Zipline, Horseback Riding, Paintball, and more! S1363

Cozumel, Mexico

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  • Many fun activities so the whole family can choose what they want!
  • One of the best zipline cruise excursions in Cozumel with more activities on site!
  • English speaking certified guides for all of the activities listed!
  • All necessary equipment included depending on which activity you decide to book!
  • Full access to Eco jungle park facilities such as swimming pool, showers, lockers and many others!
  • Observers may watch for free!

All those Cozumel cruise excursions including zipline, ATV, horseback riding and paintball (gotcha) in one location! The Cozumel Eco Jungle Park has all sorts of fun activities to choose from. This is a great option for groups or families that can't decide on one activity to do all together. Everyone can do something different all at the same location.

You get to choose what you like best - ATV, Zipline, Paintball or Horseback Riding (see the order form). There are loads of other activities to do once you are on site as well including swimming pool, volleyball, open area for football, a special kids pool and playground area and even a large covered palapa for up to 400 lb (200 Kg) people to have special occasions.

There is more than 2000 square meters of grounds, vegetation, and obstacles in the jungle to explore on your guided ATV excursion. Your guide will give you safety instructions, pass out your gear and then you will follow them for your adventure. All safety gear is provided. Minimum age to drive is 16yrs old. Minimum participation age is 5yrs old. Maximum weight solo is 220 lb (100 Kg) and combined tandem weight is 400 lb (200 Kg). Please present your valid driver's license. Helmet must be worn at all times.

There are 3 towers with the maximum height of 80 feet. A circuit of the towers takes 30 minutes. The guides assist you through the entire circuit. Through a series of pulleys and cables, you will climb the first tower, hook into the pulley/cable system and zip down to the next tower. There are 2 steel cables are for your added safety and protection. Minimum participation age is 5yrs old. Maximum weight is 240 lb (109 Kg).

The exciting adventure of paintball uses air powered guns that fire small, paint filled gelatin balls. When the gelatin ball hits your opponent, they are marked with the paint. The guide will go over the rules and regulations, get you geared up and off you go for an adrenaline-filled version of hide and seek. Choose from 2 paintball combat fields - open field and jungle complete with trenches, trees, fallen logs and other obstacles. Full protective gear is included - goggles, helmet, vest, overalls, gloves and a Spider paintball gun. Minimum participation age is 10 years.

Horseback Riding
Enjoy an hour of gentle horseback riding, touring the natural jungle environment and listening to a bit of history about the indigenous Mayan inhabitants. You will be matched up to a horse according to your riding ability. You will follow your guide through the jungle paths on the park grounds. Minimum participation age is 5 years.

Note: Maximum guest weight single or tandem is 220 lb (100 Kg). Guests will be weighed on site. Those who are overweight will not be allowed to participate in the horseback ride and will lose all money paid. All others in the group must give 48 hours prior notice to cancel and must pay the balance.

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Price Category Price Deposit Balance MED Participants
Zipline Adults (11 years and up) 30 min $41.99$5.99$36.00-
Zipline Children (5 to 10 years) 30 min $23.99$5.99$18.00-
Zipline Adults (11 years and up) 60 min $69.99$9.99$60.00$1.00
Zipline Children (5 to 10 years) 60 min $39.99$9.99$30.00$1.00
ATV Single Riders 30 min $29.99$5.99$24.00-
ATV Double Riding 30 min $57.99$9.99$48.00$1.00
ATV Single Riders 60 min $49.99$9.99$40.00$2.00
ATV Double Riding 60 min $98.99$18.99$80.00$3.00
Horseback Riding Adults (11 years and up) 30 min $29.99$5.99$24.00$1.00
Horseback Riding Children (5 to 10 years) 30 min $17.99$5.99$12.00$1.00
Horseback Riding Adults (11 years and up) 60 min $44.99$8.99$36.00$1.00
Paintball Participants 30 min $29.99$5.99$24.00$1.00
Paintball Participants 60 min $44.99$8.99$36.00$1.00
Zipline and ATV Adults (11 years and up) 120 min $97.99$19.99$78.00$3.00
Zipline and ATV Children (5 to 10 years) 120 min $48.99$9.99$39.00$1.00
Zipline and Horseback Riding Adults (11 years and up) 120 min $97.99$19.99$78.00$3.00
Zipline and Horseback Riding Children (5 to 10 years) 120 min $58.99$19.99$39.00$3.00
ATV and Horseback Riding Adults (11 years and up) 120 min $79.99$15.99$64.00$2.00
ATV and Horseback Riding Child (5 to 10 years), 120 min $41.99$9.99$32.00$2.00
ATV and Paintball (Adult), 120 min $79.99$15.99$64.00$2.00
Zipline and Paintball (Adult), 120 min $97.99$19.99$78.00$3.00
Sub Total $0.00
Down Payment $0.00
Balance Due $0.00

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Cozumel Eco Adventure Jungle Park, ATV, Zipline, Horseback Riding, Paintball, and more! Reviews

A great Cozumel Excursion option for everyone at the Eco Park - ATV, Horseback Riding, Zip Line, Paintball plus all of the other park facilities!


3 Reviews

This was our FAMILY thing
     5/5 Visited March 2014
I booked this as a surprise for my kids but we all had a blast at the Eco Park. There is really some-thing for every-one to do. My kids even talked their grandmother into doing the zip line! What a fun day!
Show Management Response

Nice place, lots to do
     4/5 Visited January 2014
We all had a good time at the Eco Park. Some of us did the Zip Line and a couple did the paintball. We just hung out the rest of the day at their pool before heading back to the ship.
Show Management Response

many choices
     4/5 Visited July 2013
There were so many choices of things to do at the Eco Park, it was a good option for my family since no one can ever agree on what to do! This place made it easy because everything is in one place. It is not a super fancy place but great fun.
Show Management Response
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This was our FAMILY thing
March 2014
Nice place, lots to do
January 2014
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