Welcome to Cuba, or, as it is officially known, the Republic of Cuba. This country consists of a large island as well as the lesser-known Isla de la Juventud along with several minor archipelagos. With a rich history, an eclectic mix of the 1950s and modern offerings, visiting this country is sure to be an experience you won't soon forget.

Cuba is an incredible mix of a multitude of ethnicities including the French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Greek, British, and Irish. This mix also includes a small number of descendants of the U.S. citizens who'd arrived in the late 19th century all the way up to its heydays of the 30s through the 50s. The currency is the Cuban Peso, easily exchanged through many of the banks.

Cruises to Cuba and Cuba Excursions and Shore Excursions have always been popular, but they are growing since American sanctions have been lifted and many Americans are traveling to the area. You'll find cruise lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, and the Royal Caribbean currently service Cuba But, stay in touch with your travel agent as that list is growing rapidly.

The cuisine here is a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean. Although black beans and rice are still the staples, there are many types of meat that are cooked slowly with light sauces. Garlic, cumin, oregano, and bay leaves are most popular. Whether you've come for the sightseeing, to lounge on the beaches, or participate in the more active excursions now available, you are sure to find something that will make your visit memorable. Mix history with some great sightseeing and snorkeling with our Havana Full Day Cenote and Bay of Pigs Snorkel Excursion. Check out our Cuba Excursions that can take you to secret caves such as our Havana Coral Beach and Saturn Cave Snorkel, private beaches, on sightseeing ventures and more. Whatever you do, you are sure to remember the beauty and diversity that is Cuba.that is Cuba.