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Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion

Curacao, Willemstad (Excursion ID S2182)

out of stock
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  • Duration
    5 hours 30 min
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    6 Years Old
  • Languages


  • Round-trip transportation from your Curacao Willemstad cruise ship terminal!
  • Air-conditioned, fully licensed, and insured transportation!
  • 38' or 20' speed boat depending on group size!
  • English-speaking certified snorkeling guides and crew!
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, juice, ice-cold beer, and lunch box (fresh salads and bread)!
  • Snorkel set including varied-sized fins, sanitized snorkel, silicone mask, and vest!
  • Beach stop and guided snorkel at and inside the Blue Room Cave!

Enjoy some great beach hopping, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Then head into the exciting Blue Room for an unforgettable snorkel experience. This excursion includes all the sights one should not miss when traveling to this lovely island. Don't forget your cameras!

Your excursion begins when you meet your driver and hop aboard an air-conditioned vehicle for a 20-minute ride to the boat dock. Here you will board your comfortable speed boat for a scenic ride past lovely resorts and their white-sand beaches. Find a spot and settle in for the scenic ride.

Soon you will stop for your own beach break. You will be provided with snorkeling equipment if you choose, or just take a swim in the gentle waters. Your guide will pass out the snorkeling gear and assist you into the water to show you some of the sites. While on the beach a simple lunch of bread, salads, and water/sodas will be included. Bring a bit of cash if you'd like to enjoy a bit more to eat, or cocktails at one of the beach-side restaurants.

Then you'll head off to the amazing Curacao Blue Room for a unique snorkeling experience. The Blue Room is an extraordinary, mostly underwater, cave located near Santu Pretu. It is easy to see why the cave gets its name - everything inside the cave reflects that perfect turquoise, Caribbean blue waters. Make sure to have your waterproof camera for stunning photos! The cave gives guests a memorable time snorkeling.

You will have the opportunity to see schools of fish dart in and around the underwater rocky terrain with crystal-clear visibility. Notice how even the reflections of splashed waters will remain that vivid blue, this cave really is quite unique.

Then, once your excursion time is finished, you will be taken back to the boat dock where you can climb aboard your air-conditioned transport back to your Curacao cruise ship pier.

For those guests staying at a resort or hotel, please contact us for pricing and pickup information.  

Excursion out of stock

Important: This excursion is temporarily not available.

Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

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Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Reviews

Enjoy calm waters, sandy beaches, and the famous Curacao Blue Room, a stunning, partially submerged, cave where everything you’ll see is a lovely shade of brilliant blue.


8 Reviews

Peoria, Arizona, US
Huge cost for a huge disappointment
     2/5  (Visited on July 2022)
We knew we would probably only have on day in our life to be on Curacao so we decided to see something different and splurge on this excursion to see something unique. It was quite expensive for a family of 5, but it sounded like it would be worth it. For anyone interested, I'll walk you through what our day looked like (this is what I wish I'd read first). We got to the cruise port and had a heck of a time finding anyone to greet us. Nobody with the ATC shirts as promised. Finally, we found someone to help us and we waited while someone finally came to check us in. We were guided to a bus where we waited for everyone to arrive. Finally, once the driver had stopped to talk to just about everyone he knew in the parking lot, we headed off to our location to get on the boat (about a 25 minute drive in the opposite direction). We arrived and were greeted by a nice guy who took our final payment. We waited about another 20 minutes until our boat showed up (all this time is included in the "5 hour excursion"). The boat ride was fun, and we were happy is was covered so we weren't in the sun the whole time. The windows of the boat were so water stained we couldn't really see much, but we enjoyed the ride either way. Our captain would shout out the occasional onshore sightings, but didn't really explain what we were looking at except for a couple of times. We arrived at the blue room cave and were SO excited! Our captain told us that if we saw any jellyfish we should just gently move them away with our hands. We didn't think much of it, as he didn't seem concerned. We hopped in the water (unfortunately we were with a big group and they only had fins for about 6 people, so we didn't get to use those) with our snorkel equipment and headed into the cave. As we headed in, the "guide" (a young guy who didn't have much to say) was quickly swimming out. Then all the zingers began! We were in the middle of a bunch of jellyfish getting stung like crazy. So, after all the cost, the long boat ride, and our precious time, we weren't even able to go into the blue room cave. There wasn't much of an explanation, or any remorse. Our captain told us he'd take us to a ship wreck, so we went there and snorkeled for about 20 minutes, and saw next to nothing. After that, we were offered a drink and some really soggy watermelon. We went to a beach where we were offered lunch. The option was Chicken or Beef. I was surprised that none of the staff thought to tell us Americans that the beef was "bitterballs" which is like liquid meet deep fried. The chicken looked okay, but everyone who got the beef was disappointed. This would have been great info for the guides to have told us. Anyway, the lunch mentioned in the description is NOTHING like what was offered. It was sorta like the nastiest hotdog you've ever had, that's it. At that beach we were able to snorkel for about another 10 minutes before it was time to head back, since they had another group at 1:00 scheduled. Our ship left at 2:30, so this was how we got to spend our one day on this beautiful island. It was super disappointing and certainly NOT worth the expense. The water In Curacao is SO beautiful, I'd recommend doing a cheaper snorkeling excursion where you get to spend more time enjoying being IN the water.
Show Management Response

DeMotte, In
     5/5  (Visited on June 2022)
The blue cave and our guide were amazing. Our guide was knowledgeable with a great personality and the views were beautiful.
Show Management Response

Houston, Texas, US
Best excursion of our cruise
     5/5  (Visited on July 2019)
Francisco went above and beyond!! He gave us a history tour of the island and the people. Definitely would do this again. Bring water shoes if you go to the blue room and planning on jumping off the cliff because its very rocky and sharp.
Show Management Response

Simply amazing!
     5/5  (Visited on October 2019)
Our friends and I visited Curacao and we had heard a lot about the blue room. We were very anxious to visit this place. simply amazing and kind of magical, the quiet and beauty of the cave is fabulous. Amazing how nature creates such a special place. The guide was very friendly and talked about the history and customs of their island. Definitely this is a must-do if visiting Curacao.
Show Management Response

Amazing day spent in Curaçao
     5/5  (Visited on July 2019)
Julius Took 5 of us out on the 20’ boat. It was comfortable and we had enough room for our gear and our small group. The knowledge this man has on the history of the island is phenomenal. We enjoyed the education as much as we did the snorkeling. The Blue room is definitely something you should see on your trip it was breathtaking. The snorkeling was great as well. Be advised the water is choppy and the ladder on the boat is small and anyone on the heavier side will have a harder time getting back in the boat. With that said, Julius was a big help with this effort and made even this small annoyance totally worth the trip. I cannot say enough good things about Julius - we would personally request him on our next trip. Even the booking through Shore Excursioneer was smoother than expected.
Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Amazing day spent in Curaçao Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Amazing day spent in Curaçao Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Amazing day spent in Curaçao Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion Amazing day spent in Curaçao Show Management Response

You’ll enjoy!
     5/5  (Visited on May 2018)
We had an awesome time on our trip. We were a small group of 4 and it was only us and a group of 2. A small boat, but made it so much better because we could be more flexible with time. Jefferson was our tour guide and was fabulous. He knew the spots to go and cared that you were having a great time. Don’t hesitate to book this one outside of the cruise line.
Show Management Response

Pittsburg, KS
     5/5  (Visited on March 2017)
We arrived at a time of unusually rough seas. The staff on our cruise ship all commented on it, as did everyone in Aruba the day before. In Curacao it was still too rough to snorkel the Blue Room Cave. Our guide took us there to make sure, but the waves were just crashing into the cave. It was obvious snorkeling there would be impossible. My understanding is that these conditions are very unusual and not something you're likely to encounter. Since we couldn't snorkel in the Blue Room, our guide worked really hard to find us an interesting place we could snorkel safely, and he succeeded. I don't know what the Blue Room is like, but we were amazed at what we saw where we ended up. We also really enjoyed the speedboat ride, and lunch was good. The fresh fruit was delicious.
Show Management Response

Favorite place in the world: Blue room cave
     5/5  (Visited on June 2016)
This excursion was full of snorkeling in beautiful locations, of course our favorite one was the cave. You'll never imagine how refreshing and clear the water is, it's hard to understand how nature works when seeing such beautiful places like this. If your cruise is arriving in Willemstad, do not hesitate on booking this excursion!
Show Management Response
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