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    5 / 5 stars     Visited in January 2016
My husband and I along with good friends, another couple, experienced the highlight of our cruise on this Curacao tour with Zilalchka Sille as our driver and guide. Our tour was comprehensive and delightful and "Lika" was a wealth of information, entertaining, and so very accommodating. She even used a PA system in the van for the 4 of us so we always heard every word. Highly recommend this tour and Lika...prounced "Like i." Show Management Response Curacao East Side and City Highlights Excursion
Ralph C. Hale Jr.
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in February 2016
This is a beautiful resort with wonderful staff. The food was excellent and the location pristine. A gorgeous beach and beautiful grounds. We will most definitely come back here the next time we are in Curacao! Our waitress Missy, was wonderful! I highly recommend this resort. Show Management Response Curacao Santa Barbara Beach All Inclusive Resort Day Pass
Atlantic Beach, Fl
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2016
Howard met us at our cruise terminal and took us to a small beach with fantastic snorkeling right off the beach in calm shallow water. Beautiful coral and tropical fish. He then took us to a sunken tugboat which was interesting but then took us a little further out to a stunning ledge with huge fans and tons of fish. Howard is a free diver who swam with us and went out of his way to point out things we would never have seen on our own. We ended with a short trip to an old fort. Howard is very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and very entertaining. My wife and I have snorkeled on many of the islands in the Caribbean and this ranks near the top. If you go, demand Howard as you guide. You will not be disappointed and the price is very reasonable. Show Management Response Curacao Sunken Tugboat and Reef Snorkel Excursion
Great experience
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2016
We decided to book this excursion through Shore Excursioneer because of the good reviews and for the price, the Cruise Line excursions are way too expensive! Everyone in my group agreed that seat cushions would be a big plus in the Jeeps but apart from that, the whole experience was perfect!! Show Management Response Curacao Shete Boka and Playa Lagun Jeep Safari and Snorkel Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2016
This excursion did not take all day but is totally worth booking. The ride on the speedboat was fun but what I enjoyed the most was snorkeling on the beach, I couldn't believe how clear the water is in Curacao. This was just the relaxing experience I was looking for away from the crowds, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying life. Show Management Response Curacao Speedboat Cruise, Beach Break and Snorkel Excursion
Favorite place in the world: Blue room cave
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2016
This excursion was full of snorkeling in beautiful locations, of course our favorite one was the cave. You'll never imagine how refreshing and clear the water is, it's hard to understand how nature works when seeing such beautiful places like this. If your cruise is arriving in Willemstad, do not hesitate on booking this excursion! Show Management Response Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2016
My friends and I found this excursion to be very fun, we all had experience riding wave runners which are basically the same as jet skies but never snorkeled before so we were very excited. Our guide took us to shipwreck called Tugboat where we saw lots of colorful fish. If your ship is arriving to this port, you should go ahead and book this excursion, you won't regret it. Show Management Response Curacao Guided Jet Ski and Snorkel Excursion
Caught wahoo and tuna
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2016
We booked the half day big boat excursion for our group of 6 people, it was my best friend and wife, my wife and my two sons (13 and 11 years old). Greg and I are very keen of fishing and back home we own a boat so minimum once a month we go out. We decided to book this tour for experiencing fishing in a new place. Our captain and crew were very accommodating and took us to the exact locations for fishing, we caught one big wahoo and three medium size tunas. We just kept two tunas and have them prepared in a local restaurant that the crew recommended, the others were released. Awesome day! Show Management Response Curacao Private Big Game Deep Sea Fishing Charter Excursion
Very interesting
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2016
This was such an informative excursion, we saw the best highlights that Curacao has to offer and our guide did a wonderful job! First we were taken to Hato Caves which are fascinating, our guide helped us spotting Pirate's Head shadow! Afterwards we went to the ostrich farm, this was my least favorite part of the excursion because I am afraid of them, but my children really enjoyed it. And finally our guide took us to CurAloe, an aloe vera plantation where I bought the best body lotion ever!!! Show Management Response Curacao Ostrich, Caves, Aloe Vera and Chichi Factory
Nice relaxing tour
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2016
Once in the port we were greeted by our guide right in the meeting point marked in our tickets, he showed us the way to a transportation in order to get to where our yacht was waiting for us. We were around 20 people in total, 6 from my family and the others were guests from the same ship as us; we sailed to a shipwreck where we snorkeled and it was nice, lots of fish and coral. Before going back to the pier we stopped at a beach for some more relaxation time and then sailed back... This was a great way of spending our day in Curacao, all of my family loved it!! Show Management Response Curacao Yacht Cruise, Beach Break and Wreck Snorkel Excursion
Saw Lots of Beautiful Fish!
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in February 2017
My husband and I went on this excursion on Feb. 6th. It was a great excursion, although not all the things listed on the description were true, which is why I dropped it one star. We were picked up at the cruise terminal and it ends up it was just my husband and myself on the excursion. We were driven around in a small car with the door handle missing on the passenger side. The guide told us that for bigger groups they used a bigger car. The guide was knowledgeable and first took us on a tour of the city, which was interesting. Then he took us to a public beach to snorkel, which turned out to be MORE THAN FANTASTIC! It was shore snorkeling around a sunken dock, very shallow and the most amazing fish I've ever seen, in abundance! He told us to stay as long as we wanted, which was nice - no guide telling us what to do and no time limit. We stayed out about 75 min. We were not asked before we came what size fins we wore, but he had two sets of equipment in the trunk that worked fine, luckily. My recommendation to the guide would be to ask fin size first. The mask wasn't defogged, so visibility was a little off, but because we were so close, it was good. When we finished this part of the excursion the guide offered us a bottle of warm water out of the trunk. I'm still not sure if that was to drink or wash our sandy feet off. Next he took us to a private area where people snorkel and dive. This was the tugboat. There were 5 pylons out there as well, with lots of fish. The water was deeper here so visibility wasn't as good, but still awesome. Some divers brought a banana to feed the fish, so we stuck by them and the fish schooled around us - really cool! Again, we had no time limit but stayed out about 75 minutes. Plenty of time. After that part of the tour we were driven to see a couple of things on that side of the island and then back to our ship. All in all it was a great snorkeling experience. Show Management Response Curacao Sunken Tugboat and Reef Snorkel Excursion
Pittsburg, KS
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2017
We arrived at a time of unusually rough seas. The staff on our cruise ship all commented on it, as did everyone in Aruba the day before. In Curacao it was still too rough to snorkel the Blue Room Cave. Our guide took us there to make sure, but the waves were just crashing into the cave. It was obvious snorkeling there would be impossible. My understanding is that these conditions are very unusual and not something you're likely to encounter. Since we couldn't snorkel in the Blue Room, our guide worked really hard to find us an interesting place we could snorkel safely, and he succeeded. I don't know what the Blue Room is like, but we were amazed at what we saw where we ended up. We also really enjoyed the speedboat ride, and lunch was good. The fresh fruit was delicious. Show Management Response Curacao Beach Hopping and Blue Room Cave Snorkel Excursion
Collingwood, Ontario
Beautiful Resort
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2017
We went to the Curacao Santa Barbara resort when our cruise stopped in Curacao. We purchased the all inclusive day pass through Beautiful resort! Excellent food, top notch service...and peaceful. All staff are very friendly and more than happy to help. Our excursion included taxi to and from the ship port, everything. Well worth it and we would most certainly go back without question. Show Management Response Curacao Santa Barbara Beach All Inclusive Resort Day Pass
Helotes, Texas, USA
Weather didn't help
    3 / 5 stars     Visited in November 2016
Although this could have turned out to be a great excursion the fish just weren't biting. Only one little fish was caught by our party of 5. We did share it sushi style on the boat though. Show Management Response Curacao Private Big Game Deep Sea Fishing Charter Excursion
washington pa usa
Howard is the bomb
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in December 2016
What a time! There was only 3 of us on this excursion and what a time we had. The meeting place was right outside the terminal , Howard met us and seeing only 3 of us asked us if we wanted to do the touristy thing or wanted to have an adventure. We took the adventure and what a time it was. We started out going to some remote area where they had these natural blow holes which are kinda like min geysers. We were able to stand close to the holes and have water sprayed over us , which felt good considering it was in the high 80s. Howard then took us to a beach that had maybe 10 people max, so we could snorkel and swim with the turtles. There is also a little fishing place here where the fishermen would fish, clean the fish at this little platform that local people would come to , to buy fresh fish. The fish scraps is what attracts the turtles and other fish to this area , so there were many. so cool. My boys loved it. Howard was very informative and interesting and it was apparent that he loved his country and his job. He then proceeded to take us back but not before stopping at a little roadside stand and buying us "oily balls" , a donut like thing that is very popular for new years. He even bought one for my daughter who stayed behind as she was ill. He then drove us over that long, high bridge, I believe is called the Queen Anne's bridge that provided spectacular views of the island.I forgot to mention we were riding in an open air truck. He then proceeded to drop us off downtown where they have shopping . It was a 10 minute walk back to the ship. I highly recommend this excursion. Show Management Response Curacao Sunken Tugboat and Reef Snorkel Excursion
Royal G.
Six Corners, ND
Family and friends private tour!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2017
We booked this private excision for family and friends to have an excursion tailored to our interests that allowed us to make the most of the time on the island. We were delighted with our choice! It was good fun and all of the logistics went smoothly. We'll do it again next time on Curacao. Show Management Response Curacao Private Island Sightseeing Excursion
Delmy H.
Crosby, DC
Amazing day in Curacao!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2017
We were on a cruise ship and pick up was easy. Our guide Alan picked us up promptly and we took off on a grand adventure. It was a small group. I highly recommend this experience. Riding in the safari truck was fun because you could see everything. Boka Pistol was really cool but be ready because it is so much louder than you expect. Just a great day. Show Management Response Curacao Safari Sightseeing, Boka Tabla, Boka Pistol and Suplado Excursion
Cozumel MEX
The best
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2017
I have done this private excursions a couple of times with my family and I never get bored doing it again. This time I took my friends since I am always telling them about it and they were all amazed. We will be doing this private tour again on our next cruise and this time our friends will bring their family : ) Show Management Response Curacao Private Island Sightseeing Excursion
Miguel A.
Lander, WY
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2017
I always book my tours through Shore Excursioneer. This was my first time doing the Curacao excursion. So much fun exploring and our tour guide was very professional and punctual. Show Management Response Curacao Safari Sightseeing, Boka Tabla, Boka Pistol and Suplado Excursion
Best day ever
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in November 2017
We just returned from spending an amazing and beautiful day at this resort. The resort is stunning, the beach is absolutely perfect... sandy, calm waters, plenty of shade. There is a lovely bar right on the beach and another one nearby. Our lunch was a buffet style in their beautiful restaurant- the food was fabulous. We found this to be the perfect activity for our cruise day in Curacao— so much so that we have already booked again. It’s a great value for the money.. there will be no cruise ship crowds there!! This organization is very reputable and professional...we were very pleased with our day. Show Management Response Curacao Santa Barbara Beach All Inclusive Resort Day Pass
David - Thao
Westminter, Colorado state
Excellent guide was great very informative & friendly
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in November 2017
The Guide was a local who spoke English. We had a great guide to provide a wealth of information about his country and the local customs. The drive along beach was very beautiful and provided an opportunity to see wildlife and many fruit and trees. Interesting seeing. We saw fammingoes & tour guide took photo for my family. On cruise ship sell this tour $110 person, I bought this tour $55 person. Tour guide & car driver came early to wait for us outside the cruise ship.Before they droff us off , they waited us acroos the street safety first after that they drove car a way. This action remind us of tour guide in saint Lucia & sant last April, 2017. Show Management Response Curacao Flamingos, Boca Tabla Cave Park and Kenepa Beach Excursion
Ontario, Canada
Great Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in December 2017
We were met at the cruise pier and taken on an island tour by a great guide. He not only showed us all the sites listed in the package but also a few other gems, such as stopping to see turtles. We stopped for a great lunch with just enough variety, must try the goat stew. We finished our island adventure with a stop at the beach for a swim and an extra stop at Willywood for a refreshing drink. By booking this excursion we got a good understanding of the island and I would recommend this to anyone going to Curacao. Show Management Response Curacao Ultimate East to West Sightseeing and Beach Excursion
Toronto, Canada
Fabulous way to spend the day
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in December 2017
We were on a cruise and chose to spend the day at this resort. It was fantastic! Shirella was waiting for us at the port, was super-friendly and efficient. Everything went off without a hitch and the resort was lovely. The beach - which is what we went for - was great. There was an abundance of comfortable lounges, both in the sun and the shade. The highlight for us was Missy at the Splash Pool Bar. She was super-friendly and fun, efficient and made our day. We will be back! Show Management Response Curacao Santa Barbara Beach All Inclusive Resort Day Pass
Van Nest Family
Best (Netherlands)
Our go to place!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2018
This is our go to place everytime we are in Curaçao. There is a kiddies section that supervised and the staff are always great with them. Unlimited food and drinks, doesnt get crowded, the food is always fresh, the view is amazing, and I can go on and on! Show Management Response Curacao All Inclusive Sunscape Resort, Spa and Casino Resort Day Pass
Jack Alexander
East Kilbride
Atraction not to be missed!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2018
We started the day with the kayaing to get to the sunken tugboat location. The padeling was a bit chalenging at first but easy to catch up, and our guide Tony was helpful the whole time. This part of the tour is slow paced and relaxing, as you admire the coastline and current slowly takes you. It was a beautiful view and quite relaxing experience. We arrived to the tugboat location where Tony passed out our snorkel gear and gave us a brief introduction and safety instructions. Our group has snorkel experience so we were on our way. I read that this was one of the main touristy places in Curacao but it was great to see that we had the reef all to ourselves - 7 friends-so we had room to snorkel and explore. It was one of the best experience. So much fish swimming around us. The boat is small but it was so amazing to see how it slowly setling in with the reef and coral. It attract so much fish . I finaly discovered why is one of the main atraction in Curacao and glad we got to explore. Show Management Response Curacao Kayaking and Shipwreck Snorkel Excursion
Bendigo (Australia)
Return snorkelers
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in August 2017
The shipwreck snorkel is an activity you cannot pass on when visiting Curaçao. I have visited 3 times already. It's one of the best places to snorkel and theres plenty action, tons of fish and coral. On my 3rd visit I found this excursion ( that includes kayak. You have to kayak to the site which was really fun and different for me! Show Management Response Curacao Kayaking and Shipwreck Snorkel Excursion
Gabby Romero
Mexico City
Safari and Snorkel
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2018
First time cruiser, did as much reasearch for the ports I would visit. Curacao was 4th port, and doing research, I found that the shipwreck had great reviews and wanted to see for myself. After months of research looking on online forums, I decided to give Shore Excursioneer a chance and book all my tours after reading their reviews and saw their low prices. I found the Curacao Aqua Safari Boat and Shipwreck Snorkel Excursion which visits the shipwreck site but you travel in a safari boat (similar to a jet ski, but way cooler!) It was amazing! The sensation of going full speed, the breeze on your face, the water splashing, and the view! Such great experience. We arrived to the snorkel site and were given all of our safety and snorkel equipment which was in great conditon, practically new. We got so much free time to snorkel and enjoy the view. The water was clear as can be and there was fish everywhere! There are coral formations growing around the ship and it was perfect foto oportunities. We later went back to the base and still had free time to do some shopping and eat. I highly recomend Shore Excursioneer! Show Management Response Curacao Aqua Safari Boat and Shipwreck Snorkel Excursion
Iverson Family Spring Break 2018
The best experience ever
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2018
We booked this as a spring break half day party charter. It was the best way to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of the island with just our family. Shore Excursioneer and (tour operator) catered to our every needs. We wanted this to be special and it sure was.Our our way to "Little Curacao" we even saw dolphins! That was a suprise and we werent expecting it! Klein Curacao is completely uninhabited so it was like our own piece of paradise. We had the island and boat to ourselves. While some went off to explore the lighthouse and shipwreck, the rest where snorkeling, and theres a strech of white soft sand to catch a tan. It was just perfect. The package included drinks and meals so we had nothing to worry about. (Tour operator) and his crew were attentive and super fun to hang out with. They gave us some history of the island and always made sure our large group of 17 were safe and have everything we needed. I highly recommend this private charter if you have the opportunity! Show Management Response Curacao Private Yacht Charter Excursion to Klein Curacao Island Beach

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