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This was really worth the time and money
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2014
This was really fun! We have been snorkeling before, but this is way different from snorkeling. The instructor was great and made sure that we understood the instruction and how important it was. We were helped into the water and at that point it was really easy and exciting. Okay, yes the water was cold but they give you full wetsuit which helped make you feel more secure in the water anyway. We could not believe all that we saw. Loved seeing the kelp growing, it was like a forest rising from the bottom. The colors were bright and beautiful. Lunch was excellent. The famous fish tacos were way better than any of the food we had on the expensive cruise ship!!! We are really looking forward to doing this again. Show Management Response Ensenada Hose Diving Excursion
Long Beach
Fun to watch
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2014
This was amazing! We wanted to go see la Bufadora Blowhole but did not want to go on a bus with a bunch of other people from the ship. This was the perfect answer - 3 of us in the transportation, private driver. Do not let the word "PRIVATE" scare you away from this...it came out cheaper with 3 of us than if we had gone with the ship! Perfect! Show Management Response Ensenada Private Bufadora Excursion
The best spent money the whole cruise
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2014
Not only was this less money than the overpriced cruise ship wine tour but this was private - driver and transportation. Me and my 3 friends took this. It was just so fun touring the 2 wineries and of course the tastings were super. It was nice to see the difference between the 2...one larger and more commercial and the other small and more boutique. We all had such a good time! Show Management Response Ensenada Wine Tasting Excursion with Private Transportation
Cold but Fun
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2014
The water was really cold but they give you a wetsuit which made it a lot better. We really saw a lot of fish though. The sea kelp was very cool! We even got to see some sea lions swimming in the water. And the fish tacos were the best ever!!! Show Management Response Ensenada Snorkel Excursion at Arbolitos Cove
not what I was expecting
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2014
I guess I am just a wimp but the water was too cold. I really liked it other than that but would not do it again. Of course, we went during the coldest time of the year so it was our mistake! Show Management Response Ensenada Snorkel Excursion at Arbolitos Cove
Loads of fun!! Will do it again!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in June 2014
Shore Excursioneer was one of the only guys we found for ATV excursions in Ensenada and after looking at them, we gave it a chance. We are glad we did because this excursion was a BLAST! Would recommend it to anybody that loves ATV driving. Show Management Response Ensenada Pacific Beach ATV Excursion
Phoenix, AZ
Good guide, dusty, fun but a little boring...
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in October 2014
We didn't realize until we got off the boat that meeting the guide for this excursion meant going all the way to where the main road is, which was a bit far, but not too bad. We were put on a golf cart and taken to the location where you leave your license and get a helmet and ATV. Angel was our guide and he was great! We drove through town for about 25 minutes, then onto dirt roads for the rest of the journey to the hot springs. Don't go expecting ATV trails. They are mostly intermediately maintained dirt roads. We arrived at the hot springs, which was neat, then after a rest, and enjoying the water for a few minutes, we headed back to town. We asked, since we were finished early, if Angel could take us to a great local taco place. He delivered! Amazing food!! The condition of the ATVs was exceptional! We were each singles on Kawasaki 700s. The throttle screws were in a little, but they had PLENTY of power. They were well maintained and newer. Because the drive is mainly down dirt roads, it is extremely dusty. If you have breathing issues, or wear contacts, be sure to grab a pair of goggles, and maybe bring a handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth. Show Management Response Ensenada ATV Baja Adventure and Hot Springs Excursion
long beach,Ca
Extremely Fun!!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in August 2016
The Excursion was great...It sarted off with a nice walk from the ship to pick up the ATV's. Once wear arrived to the location,about 10mins later, we were met by the friendly employees ready to get us on the road. Our guide was a young gentleman named Luis, he guided us through the streets and the dunes... great fun. The horseback ride was enoyable too, the beach is clean and the water is blue as can be great time great fun. Thank you Show Management Response Ensenada ATV and Horseback Riding Combo Excursion
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in October 2016
annie rose
perfect family fun!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in February 2017
I just want to thank your company for a very fun filled excursion. I took my 6 year old granddaughter on the horseback/atv ride, while the rest of the family went on the atv/hotsprings tour. We were so pleased with the service we received. You went above and beyond to make our day in Ensenada a memorable one. We would recommend your company to anyone traveling to Ensenada. From the young man waiting for us with a sign with our names, the very nice lady in the office and the tour guy, also the shuttle bus driver and the man who graciously took us to the beach while we waited for the other tour to get back. What a great time!!! Show Management Response Ensenada ATV and Horseback Riding Combo Excursion
Sparks NV
Horseback riding and four wheeling on the beach!! So fun!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2017
We took this tour on Wednesday March 29th. There were 4 of us, all women I was a little nervous not booking through the cruise ship. But the crew ship didn't offer this particular excursion and my daughter was excited about riding horses on the beach. So we booked it through this company. There was a young man waiting for us with our name on the board to show us exactly where to go. I was nervous about paying the balance in full in cash… But there was no problem with that. Once we paid, we were taken by van to the beach to ride horses. The driver was super nice. We rode horses down the beach for about an hour. Our last experienced riders were led by one of the workers. after that, the bus took us back to the starting place where we all got on ATV four wheeler's. We were guided to is Sandy doing about 10 minutes away and we were able to ride for an hour. this tour was everything that we expected it to be and then some! We would recommend it highly. Show Management Response Ensenada ATV and Horseback Riding Combo Excursion
Kurt A.
Seattle, WA
Recommended excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in January 2017
I just came back from my cruise, and I wanted to take the time to let you know how wonderful time we had on this excursion. The ride to Puerto Nuevo was short and was scenic. Upon arrival to the restaurant, everyone welcomes us like if we're family. The ambiance was warm and friendly. Our waiter Mike was beyond attentive, he really made us enjoy the moment. The food was excellent, the best lobster we had tried! The beans, rice, and salsa were also very good. I was able to see how they make the flour tortillas by hand, think I learned some. You can enjoy the ocean view and breeze at the same time, so what else can you need? We are already planning to take this excursion again on our next cruise. Show Management Response Ensenada Famous Puerto Nuevo Lobster Lunch Excursion
Mina G.
Leno, MD
Nice sightseeing and great narration
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2017
I took this excursion along with my 3-year-old daughter, as she didn't pay the ticket, it was so cheap for both of us to enjoy this great tour through the city. The guide was extremely fun and told us interesting stories about the traditions and culture of the Ensenada Town. We really enjoy this ride! Show Management Response Ensenada Tuk Tuk Guided Sightseeing Excursion
Walnut Creek, CA USA
Lots of fun!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in August 2016
Travelling with 4 teenagers can be a challenge, but add in this awesome adventure and fun was had by all! Show Management Response Ensenada ATV and Horseback Riding Combo Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in January 2017
This was the perfect chill excursion. Just hanging back while visiting riding around and stopping at local markets. I got a bunch of souvenirs to take back home and a bunch of mexican candy that I just l love. Our tour guide Jose was very fun and knew where to take us and made us feel safe the whole time. Show Management Response Ensenada Tuk Tuk Guided Sightseeing Excursion
Tracy Burton
San Diego California
Family tradition
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in October 2017
We book this package at least once every 3 months or so. We love coming down to Ensenada and have been visiting Rancho San Carlos for a couple of years now. This is a great deal since it includes the ATV'S and that's probably one of the best ways to get to the hot springs. Ensenada is such a small city but people are always so friendly. We bring our drinks and even camp out sometimes and the staff are always friendly. Show Management Response Ensenada ATV Hot Springs Excursion
Bob Bixler
Camas, Washington
Fun time exploring and driving
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in July 2017
We booked the Ensenada ATV Hot Springs Excursion on the ShoreExcursioneer website. It was real exciting driving full speed between mountains and hills. We went to the hot springs afterwards to cool off and it was real nice there too. It seems like it's a local hot spot so there were a lot of families but there is plenty of space for everyone and you can even explore the sorroundings. Show Management Response Ensenada ATV Hot Springs Excursion

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