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Gorgeous Boat!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in October 2013
This was just an outstanding adventure. From the time we arrived when the staff greeted us to throughout the entire day, it was premium service. The boat is unbelievable - luxurious, spacious and just beautiful. Then there was the food...wow! It was better than many of the top restaurants I have eaten in throughout my travels. The snorkeling just topped everything off. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Luxury VIP Day Sailing and Snorkel Excursion
Whale Watcher
Great whale performance
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in January 2013
We did this last season and hope to do it again sometime. The boat was respectful of the whales and we were able to get some nice photos of several pods of humpbacks and a few greys. It was a bit chilly so I suggest bringing a jacket. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching and Banderas Bay Cruise Excursion
Wonderful time
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2014
We love to snorkel and be on the water, so my husband and I were in heaven on this tour. This is not just a snorkeling excursion it is a real luxury experience. The snorkeling was a amazing but the boat is just gorgeous! The crew really give you the VIP treatment. They are attentive without being intrusive. There were only a few other people on our excursion when we went. The food was beyond wonderful and some of the best I have ever had. Cudos to the chef and the captain for an exceptional time! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Luxury VIP Day Sailing and Snorkel Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in November 2013
We enjoyed our sail day in Nov. 2013 so much, we are going to do it again in 2014 :) (reprinted from Fan page) Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Luxury VIP Day Sailing and Snorkel Excursion
Pleasantly surprised
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in February 2014
My husband surprised me with a cruise for Christmas and booking this tour in Puerto Vallarta knowing how much I love whales. We were surprised at how many appearances the whales made. We were treated to quite a show - there was even a mother with a baby breaching over and over. We got so caught up in watching the whales that we forgot about taking photos during the first hour. This is a great tour for anyone. These creatures are just amazing! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching and Banderas Bay Cruise Excursion
We had a blast!!
    4 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2016
AMAZING!! we got to ride ATVs, swim and drink tequila, what else can we ask for? The only thing to consider is that the waterfall where we stopped was a little bit crowded so me and my wife decided not to get in, obviously my children didn't matter and took a dip. Thank you Shore Excursioneer for this great experience!! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta ATV Excursion
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in May 2016
My family and I had so much fun, the weather was incredible, not too cold not too warm, ideal for this type of activity. We were a group of 9 and all of us enjoyed our time... The mule ride is something that only happens in Mexico!! Back in the camp we had a "Tequila tasting", not a huge tequila fan but it was informative. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Eco Adventure Canopy Excursion
Peoria Illinois
Must DO
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in August 2017
We had a blast doing this excursion! We loved riding the buggies thru the rugged off-road terrain. I recommend you to take an extra pair of clothes, because you will get sweaty and sandy! We took a small break in a beautiful waterfall, changed our clothes, adn took off! Driving through the suspension bridge was really really exciting! We later went to a tequila tasting tour. Not really much of a drinker but I did take a shot to shake off some of the hype off; ) and the tour guides there were really nice too. We felt safe the whole time and it really is a unique experience that you do not want to miss out on. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta RZR Buggy to Jorullo Bridge and Waterfall Excursion
The Simth Family
Can't wait to come back
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in August 2017
We are a NY family so this was definitely something different and we dont get to experience this thrill back home. We have 4 teens, 3 boys and 1 girl and we all enjoyed it so much. This was the first time visiting and doing anything this adventorous, so we definetly were impressed on how professional and patient our tour guide was. He gave us all our safety equipment and we followed him through the first location with mouintains and as I looked back at my family everyone was having so much fun getting dirty and going full speed. We drove through the desert and visited a waterfall location, where we relaxed for a while. We went to our second adventure locaation which was the suspension bridge and wow! The view from up there was unbelieveable!!! Back to the base, they took us to a "tequeliria" to relax before going back to the port. I am embarrased to say this but we tried tequila for the fist time. The flavor was sweet and did not burn our throats like how they show in movies. To sum it up, it was such a great experience, that we have booked it again for our next cruise, and we are bringing some friends that were so excited hearing our stories and seeing the cool videos we recorded!!! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta RZR Buggy to Jorullo Bridge and Waterfall Excursion
pamela templeton
florida usa
Lots of fun!!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2018
it was really fun to unwind and go full speed through the mountainous landscape. prepared to get muddy! the sierra madre is impressive and the perfect location to really enjoy our first time atv'ing. we then follow our guide to the river, where everyone was able to clean up and refresh for our tequila tasting. not a fan of tequila but i enjoyed listening to process and did try some of the sweet tequila which was actually good. this was a fun way for all of us to enjoy puerto vallarta. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta ATV Excursion
Chelsea Morzik
Super active, super fun!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in March 2018
This excursion was really active but totally worth it! I guest since we just enjoy outdoor activites and this allowed us to do 3 activities in one day. Our favorite was the zipline. The adrenaline and views are incomparable. At the end for the tequila tasting, the mule ride was quite interesting, unique and really funny too ; ) Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Eco Zipline, River Tubing and Rappelling Excursion
Joanna B.
We had a blast!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in December 2017
Our whole family enjoyed this excursion! As the description mentions, this is an active excursion that requires a good condition but you dont need to be extra fit, just get ready to climb and walk and hike! The weather was perfect to enjoy all of the activities. The river tubbing was perfect to relax a little bit and enjoy the landscape. The staff and guide were truly helpful and made sure everyone was safe the whole time. The only thing I would recommend to include a little snack or something. After so much activity you get hungry! Water was provided and there was a restaurant to purchase meals. Overall we had an amazing day and recommend. Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Eco Zipline, River Tubing and Rappelling Excursion
Chavez Family Vacation
Lots of fun indeed!!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in February 2018
This excursion had everything! I was expecting to simply zip line and ATV but the whole day was filled with new exciting experiences. The ATV ride to get to the zip line park was incredible! The views and the nature surrounding is one of a kind. We had 2 guides taking care of us the whole time, making sure no one was left behind. The ATVs were in perfect shape and this was a huge plus. Once we got to the zip lining we got safety gear and had guides assisting on each canopy. Our guide Julio took some amazing pictures for us. i only did 6 lines but my kids did the whole circuit. So much fun throughout the whole day we didn't want it to end! I highly recommend this tour for families and anyone! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta Zipline and ATV Combo Excursion
Jayden Constanza
Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
Exciting, recommended!
    5 / 5 stars     Visited in April 2018
The jorullo bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world so you know you are in for an adventure! We had so much fun driving on the mountainous landscape admiring the scenery. Get ready to get messy but its part of the fun. Everyone was so friendly and having a great time. We were beat at the end and the delicious nachos were the best way to top it off! Show Management Response Puerto Vallarta ATV Jorullo Suspension Bridge and Waterfall Excursion

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