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Harvest Caye Discover Scuba Diving Excursion from Shore S3455

Harvest Caye, Belize

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  • Duration
    3 hours 30 min
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    12 Years Old
  • Languages


  • Round trip boat ride from your Placencia tender pier!
  • PADI certified beginner SCUBA dive master and instructors!
  • Dive gear included!
  • Entrance fee to Laughing Bird Caye National Park!
  • Complimentary bottled water and fruit snacks!
  • Dive at the amazing Laughing Bird Caye National Park!
  • No SCUBA diving experience necessary!

For those who want something a step above just snorkeling. Combine an introduction to diving with adventure. Laughing Bird Caye National Park is one of the gems in a string of pearls that is the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful Belizean isle situated on the western side of the Victoria Channel, only 11 miles off the coast from Placencia Village. Here you will have the chance to explore the world's second largest barrier reef, brimming with abundant and diverse marine life.

You will take the first tender from Harvest Caye Island over to the mainland. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO TIME, ALL GUESTS MUST BE ON THE FIRST TENDER. PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TENDER TICKET EARLY TO ENSURE YOUR SPACE - THERE IS ONLY 61 PASSENGER CAPACITY ON THE TENDER. The second tender will get you ashore too late and has an early return time to Harvest Caye.

After meeting your guide and captain at the Placencia Municipal Pier, you will board your 28 ft. boat for the short 30-40 minute ride to Laughing Bird Caye, named after the Laughing Gulls that nest there. This is your beautiful setting for your introduction to scuba diving. Upon arrival, a park ranger will share a brief history and overview of the ecosystem surrounding you, complete with rules and expectations for park visitors. Next, your knowledgeable PADI certified scuba instructor will walk you through the basics, utilizing a flipchart, instruct you on all of the scuba diving equipment, before giving you a chance to practice with the equipment and your new skills in waist deep water. Note that guests must know how to swim and be very comfortable in the water but NO prior dive experience is needed at all. All dive gear you will need is included.

If there is anyone in your group that would like to go along as an observer and wait on the beach but not a participant in any of the instruction or dive, please see the pricing list.

This is an excursion for those looking for something more adventurous than snorkeling. It is not a certified scuba diving lesson but rather it will show you the basics and give you a taste of what scuba diving is about. You will not get any type of certification after this excursion.

Once you are ready, the brightly colored coral and fish await in crystal clear water up to 40 feet deep. Your dive master will be by your side as you slowly ease into the water. They will be right with you to not only show you some of the amazing marine life but also put you at ease in the new environment. There is so many colorful fish, coral and other sea life waiting in the shallow water for you to see. After approximately 40 minutes of an enchanting underwater experience, your dive master will guide you back to the beach to enjoy some fresh fruit and relaxation time.

Once you have caught your breath, you will be off to Placencia, where you can take the tender back to Harvest Caye and your ship or explore the village enjoying drinks, snacks or souvenirs at your own expense.

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Harvest Caye Excursion Experiences

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Harvest Caye Discover Scuba Diving Excursion from Shore Reviews

Here is the perfect Harvest Caye Excursion for adventure seekers wanting to enjoy the Mesoamerican Reef system - an introduction to diving from the shore! A quick ride by boat to Laughing Bird Caye Park brings you into a secluded tropical paradise just begging to be explored! No experience needed and all under the close watch of your dive master!


4 Reviews

Hanover, MD
Great scuba diving experience!
     5/5  September 2019
I really enjoyed scuba diving here. It was beautiful. The park ranger was very informative about the island and coral reefs surrounding areas. This was only my third time diving and I really enjoyed it. The underwater stuff we saw was simply amazing.
Show Management Response

Binghamton, NY
Excellent place to dive!
     5/5  October 2019
I went to Laughing Bird Caye for a dive tour. The island is not fancy or touristy. It has a sheltered area for relaxing or lunch, along with a bathroom (more like an outhouse) if needed. The water was clear and the coral was vibrant. What more do you really need?! Nice diving and great hang-out spot.
Show Management Response

Woodport, NJ
Love it!!
     5/5  October 2019
The time was awesome!! It was my first time diving and the view was amazing. The instructor and the park ranger provide important information about Laughing Bird Caye.
Show Management Response

The best excursion ever!!
     5/5  November 2019
It was our first time on a cruise ship and our first time diving. We had the best vacation ever!! Thank you shore excursioneers you made a great job and also to our guide who made that moment so unique experience!!
Show Management Response
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 will book again very happy with ShoreExcursioneer 
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Armando H hesperia, California 8 days ago
I have used ShoreExcursioneer before and will book with them again
 I have used ShoreExcursioneer before and will book with them again 
Armando H Hesperia, California, US
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Armando H Hesperia, California, US 8 days ago
Always a pleasure dealing with Shore Excursioneer & with the pandemic going on,...
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RACHEL M Fort Worth, Texas, US 14 days ago
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Amy C Perry, Ohio, US 18 days ago
Amazing service as always! Thank you for making this so easy!!!!
 Amazing service as always! Thank you for making this so easy!!!! 
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Angela B Shreveport, LA, US 33 days ago
Is always so easy, fast and secure to book shore excursión though here . Thank...
 Is always so easy, fast and secure to book shore excursión though here . Thank you 
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Claudia B Aurora , CO, US 35 days ago