Shore Excursioneer Live Help Customer Reviews

Our Live Chat feature allows customers to quickly interact with our Shore Excursion booking specialists for any assistance required. We continuously monitor the performance and customer satisfaction provided in order to constantly improve our services. We at Shore Excursioneer are happy to share those Online Live Chat booking service reviews with you. Happy shore excursions shopping!

Great service! Couldn’t exactly answer my question so I’ll ask resort direct.
Bill Hardeman
Lia answered our question with a quick response.
Donna M Moreland
6 days ago
After chatting, agent answered all my questions. While resolving my issue.
8 days ago
The agent was able to help me in every way
Jean Schimcek
9 days ago
Easy to communicate
Shannon Jolley
9 days ago
Susana was great trying to help me get the answers I need.
Shlawnda Celestine
10 days ago
13 days ago
The itinerary for my cruise was not showing correctly and Sunny was able to fix everything while I was on the Chart with them. We try to use Shore Excursioneer when ever we can. I have never had bad service with them.
Joseph Culin
14 days ago
Great service; we love this company!
17 days ago
Wanted to pay all in advance. You are not able to accommodate that request..
Elizabeth Potvin
19 days ago
Very easy to use.
Jason Holtsclaw
22 days ago
Chat was quick and easy. You guys rock!
Eileen Teti
22 days ago
Everything about the chat was great.
Amber Calnan
26 days ago
26 days ago
Tammy McCall
28 days ago
Fast friendly and easy ..
33 days ago
Lia was great
Scott Ethington
35 days ago
Susana was very professional, quick, and helpful.
David Chadwick
39 days ago
Sunny , got just what I asked for. Awesome customer service.
Richard Soniat
42 days ago
Lia made this an easy transaction.
Mike Tuley
46 days ago
The agent was quick, friendly, followed through with what they said they would do and provided solutions to our problem.
Shane Dahlen
49 days ago
Susana was very pleasant, helpful, prompt and professional in responding to, and handling, my questions! 5 stars out of 5!
50 days ago
Sunny was the best. Informative and kind!
Nicole Smith
52 days ago
very easy company to work with
kimberly a stirlen
55 days ago
Milo made it easy. This year I won't be on a ship I will be flying to my destination and wanted to clarify that there would be information of where to meet if I'm not on a ship.
David chadwick
57 days ago
Awesome customer service and helpful
61 days ago
Lia answered all of my questions. The ones she could not answer, she researched and emailed me back. Great customer service.
Betty Morgan
64 days ago
Answered the question I had quickly and to my satisfaction!
69 days ago
Support acknowledged my issue and requested more info so I can be helped in the future
Kevin McCoy
71 days ago
They answered my questions well.
lakeisha Smith-Collins
71 days ago
Courteous and swift
Marilee Cook
75 days ago
Everything was taken care of quickly and to my satisfaction.
Tamra Franklin
78 days ago
Sunny was very helpful and went out of her way to assist me. Thanks Sunny!
Carrie McIntosh
80 days ago
Very helpful,and completely satisfied. 😊
Anita Wishon
84 days ago
Sunny was very nice and answered my question very quickly
Cathy Wall
85 days ago
Susana was awesome!!!
88 days ago
Susana was wonderful
Anthony Hendrix
90 days ago
Sunny was very helpful and answered our every question and concern.
Tashara Christian
91 days ago
fast, convenient and nice
93 days ago
Everything Perfect! Thank you!
Kelly Bleigh
97 days ago
Milo was great!
Cynthia Bailey
99 days ago
Great Customer Service was able to answer my questions.
Robyn Jensen
100 days ago
Susana was very polite and thoroughly answered all of my questions.
103 days ago
we Need more times to take two excursions when we port from 9am-11pm
107 days ago
Answered my question quickly.
108 days ago
goo help
Edelina Dumlao
110 days ago
Thank you Sunny so much for being so patient with me
Tamra Franklin
112 days ago
Sunny was fab! Thanks!
LeAnn Dunn
115 days ago
Milo was extremely helpful and I am highly pleased and satisfied. Thank you!!!
Brandy Merrill
118 days ago
Milo was very fast and helpful with the information I needed.
Linda Ramlot
118 days ago
Hoping in the future I would have a bigger group to use ypur tour
Jean Schimcek
easy to work with
Lindsey Moody
4 days ago
The time your excursion would've left and come back would've given us no time to shop. Thought the site would be in sync with cruise ship arrival. Not 2 hours after we arrived. Dissatisfied
Bill Hardeman
7 days ago
Milo was absolutely great. Helped me iin every way. Great customer service and I would highly recommend this company.
Cindy Lippmann
8 days ago
Question was answered quickly. Agent was very polite and helpful
Don Baldwin
9 days ago
Instant resolution to my request.
Byron Jordan
9 days ago
They saw that times of excursion and cruise didn't match and changed excursion for me
Kathi Kelly
10 days ago
Lia was great, exactly answered my question.
13 days ago
very prompt responses - just wish the excursion was available for 2 persons. thanks.
Jennifer kay Mann
14 days ago
Answered all questions efficiently
18 days ago
Sonny did a great job....good employee
20 days ago
Good support from great staff member. Wish anyone knew how islands and cruise lines will get back to operation. Slow process but from our experience the tour operators are begging for customers.
Jason Holtsclaw
22 days ago
Lia is awesome. Give her a raise!
25 days ago
Quick service and answers
Matt Savage
26 days ago
Susana quickly and efficiently answered my question
27 days ago
very helpful
29 days ago
Very smooth; very knowledgeable. Better than on the phone if u ask me. GREAT JOB!!!
33 days ago
Lia was helpful!
37 days ago
Milo was friendly and helpful and answered all my questions. Thanks Milo!
42 days ago
Agent was on the line and answered my questions promptly! Thank you Milo!
Brian Booth
45 days ago
Trying to figure out how to make the change and then trying to answer correctly so my itenary gets updated.
48 days ago
Sunny was very helpful and friendly
Sharon Fisher
49 days ago
Sonny was awesome!!! This was so easy and quick!! Glad I decided to use the \"chat\" instead on calling by phone.Thanks & Kudos to Sonny!!Sharon Fisher
lakeisha Smith-Collins
52 days ago
Swift and courteous
Spencer Headrick
54 days ago
Milo went out of their way to help not only me but everyone in my group. They didn’t have to do it for everybody and did anyway! Thank you so so so much!
Tamie Dian Perdue
57 days ago
Milo’s response was quick, presented my options and is taking care of my cancellation. I have already received the confirmation email. When I am able to reschedule my vacation I will definitely be using your services
60 days ago
63 days ago
Patience and was able to get me all the information i needed
Devon Cooper
66 days ago
Milo was a great help. Answered all questions and assisted with no issues.
69 days ago
Milo helped me a lot. Thanks.
Woodard Donna
71 days ago
Agent was extremely helpful.
72 days ago
Because of all of the above!
Therese Vernoy
75 days ago
Great customer support easy and fast
Carrie McIntosh
80 days ago
Thanks a lot. I changed my reservation twice. You guy's still helped me with no fuss
Patrick Gutierrez
81 days ago
Response was quick, courteous, and answered my question completely. Since then I have registered with Shore Excursioneer and booked the excursion I was questioning about. I am also looking at your site for my remaining 2 stops on my cruise, so as long as you get me back to the boat on time for this one I may end up on 2 more of your excursions 🙃
84 days ago
Very friendly and helpful!
85 days ago
Milo was very polite and helpful!
James Samberson
90 days ago
Agent was clear and quick with the answers. For the site, i was not able to pull up my order myself as I did not set up an account before I booked it.
Joy Hemnes
91 days ago
Very kind and helpful
92 days ago
Most helpful and quick response to my questions
Irene Cook
97 days ago
I've never had better chat support anywhere else!
98 days ago
Susana was very helpful and did a good job.
James Helton
99 days ago
Quick and easy, thanks
102 days ago
We love y'all! We'll be back SOON!
Elizabeth Stowell
104 days ago
Milo was very helpful and I appreciate the time he took to answer my questions
108 days ago
Even thought the answer was not what I wanted, it was quick and satisfactory
jennifer burnette
108 days ago
i was a bit confused on my new cruise dates, Milo was very helpful in helping to straighten everything out
111 days ago
Milo was AWESOME! I messed up the date/year of my excursion (even with all the prompts and help!) and he quickly fixed my mistake and we are so excited! Thank you!!
Rochelle Wilson
112 days ago
Quick response, Sunny was helpful and solved the issue I was having. Made sure I was satisfied with booking.
117 days ago
Sara - thank you :-)
Stephanie Childress
118 days ago
Milo was great! Was able to see what the problem was and fix it for me. Super Helpful and friendly :)
118 days ago
Friendly and responsive