Shore Excursioneer Live Help Customer Reviews

Our Live Chat feature allows customers to quickly interact with our Shore Excursion booking specialists for any assistance required. We continuously monitor the performance and customer satisfaction provided in order to constantly improve our services. We at Shore Excursioneer are happy to share those Online Live Chat booking service reviews with you. Happy shore excursions shopping!

Cabira Howard
6 days ago
It was quick and simple.
41 days ago
Milo was a great help
David Kutz
44 days ago
Milo got right on top of my request, answered my questions, gave me my options, then took care of things quickly. Thank you!
46 days ago
great customer service. and so easy to use
76 days ago
Excellent customer service as always.
88 days ago
Milo Rocks!!!
Frank Ricci
107 days ago
Diane Mattis
111 days ago
Michael Dutchuk
114 days ago
Well done...great job Milo!
115 days ago
Milo has been a great help with carnival canceling our cruises and getting our excursions moved to our new cruises
117 days ago
Milo jumped right in and helped me with my situation , I love using
Robin Burn
140 days ago
The online chat guy was able to solve the issue, fast!
Lisa Newbern
143 days ago
Third time to have to change excursions due to cruise cancellation, everyone has always been so accommodating. Milo was great today!
Robyn Cyr
148 days ago
The person was prompt in answering my question and preceded t9btake care of the issue
Laura Collins
153 days ago
Sunny was amazing!
157 days ago
Milo was very nice and answered all my questions
Joyce Soell
157 days ago
Sunny was great handled things very professional.
158 days ago
Milo was understanding and gave me options for a refund or digital wallet. i use your company alot, so i choice digital wallet.
Tammy Sarbacker
158 days ago
Great help.
160 days ago
This has been then easiest booking/cancellation site I have ever used! I have to cancel now due to cruise lines but I will return here in the future! The service has been excellent!
Shauntea Black
161 days ago
Was very helpful an patient
Regina Stewart
165 days ago
Sunny knew exactly what to do when I explained the situation. He was so very helpful.
166 days ago
Milo was awesome! He did everything right! I’m just sad about my Mr. Sanchos. I really wanted to go there :(
171 days ago
Milo provided excellent service.
Melissa Ingerham
171 days ago
Sunny was super helpful today. I am sure his days can get rather busy, hectic and possibly unpleasant with this pandemic. But, he was super kind & resolved my issue very quickly!
173 days ago
Got my questions answered quickly. Very polite.
Pamela Fuentes
174 days ago
60 days for a refund seems a little overboard, but it is what it is.
Paul Brockert
175 days ago
182 days ago
give him a raise $$
185 days ago
Very polite, caring and helpful. Thx
Rhoni Hamel
186 days ago
you folks are amazing, and Milo is always helpful! I recommend you to all my clients :-)
Ashley Harrel
191 days ago
Milo was super helpful and fast got my reservations switched in a matter of minutes!! Could not have been any easier.
Laura Steele
255 days ago
Simple and fast- THanks Karina!
Daryl W Cooper Sr
256 days ago
She was very helpful
Lisa brandon
257 days ago
Quick and easy!
Shayna Friedman
257 days ago
Easy to deal with to get refund during this crisis
Justin wenich
257 days ago
Milo was great !
258 days ago
In this crazy time (Coronavirus) the cancellation of our excursions could not have been easier. No penalties, super efficient on line chat. I would not hesitate to use Shore Excursioneer again and would recommend it to anyone who is planning a cruise!
Savanna Hawkins
258 days ago
Thank you all for being so helpful! Bless you all during this tough time!
Brian Huberty
259 days ago
You have been the best company I have dealt with in cancelling our vacation. I will most definitely use your company and make sure others do as well.
Les Chipman
259 days ago
very quick
259 days ago
Customer service was a priority from beginning to end. What a pleasure to work with ShoreExcursioneer
andrea stanley
259 days ago
Each time I've had a change, the agent has gone above and beyond to help. Super helpful and amazing to work with. Thanks!
Edgar Perez
260 days ago
Excellent service
Troy Hutchinson
260 days ago
Very Quick, convenient and professional. Great Customer Service and I will be back.
Angela Maas
260 days ago
Very kind and helpful
Louis Pedrini
261 days ago
Milo was a great help
261 days ago
Was so easy to cancel. Hate to cancel but with the new health advisory we are unable to cruise. Thank you for understanding and making it easy.
Catie Garrison
261 days ago
Milo was awesome and helped me perfectly and quickly.
261 days ago
Agent was very helpful
261 days ago
The person I was chatting with was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Thank you!
39 days ago
Always offer great quick service.
Laura Aguilar
44 days ago
CS rep answered all my question even the stupid ones, excellent service.
Catherine Flanagan
46 days ago
everything was accomplished very simply
Sherrie Russell
61 days ago
Milo was super helpful!!
Jay Wagner
82 days ago
Milo was extremely helpful!
Audrey Marie Drake
97 days ago
I like not having to call to resolve my issue
Debbie Baker
110 days ago
Question asked and answered quu
Sherry Gates
111 days ago
Very quick with their response and very informative. They were very helpful!😊
Margaret schreiner
115 days ago
Very helpful. thanks
Lawrence Drum
116 days ago
A+ all the way.
129 days ago
This is the fastest response I have every received with online help. Thank You!
Dorothy Leigh Cruz
143 days ago
Very professional and prompt!
Leann Alford
145 days ago
Milo was kind, quick, & efficient
152 days ago
So extremely easy to deal with and problems are handled quickly. Even if they are problems you create yourself
Leann Alford
153 days ago
Agent friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions.
Richard Kelley
157 days ago
Milo was helpful and very quick and friendly. Great service!
158 days ago
Due to COVID19, our cruise for Sept 2020 was cancelled. I was afraid I would have a difficult time reaching someone at ShoreExcursioneer to change the date of our event or for a refund. I was happy to see that you have chat agents on and how quickly they responded. Milo had my date changed within minutes! It was simple and stress free! Thank you Milo and ShoreExcursioneer!
Daniel Truitt
158 days ago
Rep was fast but thorough and super friendly. Excellent hire
Ginger Hale
159 days ago
Milo is fabulous!!!
Teresa Fillers
160 days ago
They have always been easy to work with , never had any trouble
Theresa Russell
165 days ago
Milo was super helpful and polite.
April Anderson
166 days ago
Great service
170 days ago
For all the reasons that were questioned. The agent was also very friendly.
171 days ago
He understood what I was asking and knowledgeable about the answers. He took care of the situation quickly.
172 days ago
All of my questions were answered quickly and Sunny was very knowledgeable
Lynsi McKinney
173 days ago
Milo was phenomenal at handling my situation and was able to help me within a very short time. I’m looking forward to using Shore Excursioneer again in the future.
Deandra Blackmore
175 days ago
It was an easy process
Shauntea Black
175 days ago
Was very helpful an honest
184 days ago
The agent was able to fix exactly what I needed. Very helpful and kind!
Adrianne Slagle
185 days ago
I found Sunny professional, courteous and patient. In the end, my issue has not been resolved because the excursion I want is currently unavailable. I do want to say, however, that she was extremely helpful and is definitely an asset to your organization. I I had need to a customer service person, I would steal her in a heartbeat.
David L Pendleton
186 days ago
Sunny knew the information!
Sandra K Jackson
254 days ago
I love Shoreexcursioneer and will always use them for our fun when traveling.
Dayma Dawson
255 days ago
Quick resolution.
256 days ago
Sunny was awesome
257 days ago
Thank you very much.
Justin wenich
257 days ago
Milo was very helpful and great
Cynthia Scarcelli
258 days ago
In this uncertain time, we are not able to travel. The person helping me was very understanding. I appreciate that so much.
Gary Hebert
258 days ago
They handled the request quickly and efficiently.
259 days ago
Fast, clear, professional responses. Thank you again
Vicky Morris
259 days ago
We have and will continue to use and refer your services.
Conrad Cruze
259 days ago
Great support. Efficient, professional & courteous.
259 days ago
Everything went very smoothly and they were very helpful
Tim Baity
260 days ago
Took care of my issue quickly
260 days ago
I was answered promptly and the cancellation was taken care of in a satisfactory way. I will definitely be using this site again to book shore excursions! Thank you!
Mikki sellers
260 days ago
Quick and easy to use
260 days ago
Lia was very kind, quick to answer my questions and took care of my need is a very short amount of time.
261 days ago
We appreciate being able to cancel our excursion due to the ship not allowing us to board (coronavirus). We will definitely use this site again!
Martin Alvarez
261 days ago
Brittney Jacobs
261 days ago
Milo was very helpful and really nice
261 days ago
Quick response and easy transaction. That's the way to do it! (Will certainly do business again.)
Lisa Carter
261 days ago
I need to get a refund for excursions due to our cruise being canceled and the agent was wonderful and very easy to take care of.