Belize Goff's Caye Island Getaway and Snorkel Cruise Excursion (S1410)

Duration 4 h
Activity Level Moderate
Minimum Age All Ages
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Belize Goff's Caye Snorkel reviews
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  • Bottled water and a welcome rum punch!
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  • Rustic private island right on the reef!
  • Fully insured shore excursion operator!

For those guests arriving at Harvest Caye, Belize please see our Harvest Caye Excursions.

For anyone wanting something a little more off the beaten path, this might be just what you are looking for. Goff's Caye is a tiny little island that is perfect for families or anyone wanting to experience an outstanding opportunity to snorkel in Belize. Goff's Caye is only 1.2 acres of natural coral sand, making it only about the size of a football field!

You will meet your friendly and professional guide on shore at your Belize tender terminal. From there you will take a 20-30 minute boat ride to this amazingly beautiful and quiet island. While on your way to the island, you can't help spotting numerous mangrove islands which are home to an assortment of beautiful water birds such as the Brown Boobies, Cormorants, Terns and possibly the Frigatebirds. It is not uncommon to spot an occasional pod of bottle-nose dolphins as well!

Goff's Caye can only be described as your own little piece of paradise. Sitting directly on the world's second largest Barrier Reef, the snorkeling opportunities are endless. With the island actually being part of the coral reef, there is no need to jump in a boat and go anywhere else. The coral reef surrounds the island just a few feet off the beach. Whether it's working on your tan, building sand castles or simply enjoying the crystal blue waters, this tiny little island still offers the ultimate beach experience for everyone.

Going back to basics, there are no beach chairs. And please do not forget to bring your beach towels. You may also bring your own snacks if you like. Bottled water and a welcome rum punch will be provided. You will also be able to purchase food and beverages. Picnic style BBQ or Chicken Kabobs, grilled lobster tails, coconuts and cold beers are among your choices.

The snorkeling on this Goff's Caye excursion is awesome, so it's perfect for beginners and those who have experience. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own, but all snorkel gear is provided. Just hang out on the beach if you choose not to snorkel. Your guides will be there to assist you throughout the day and when the excursion comes to an end they will take you back to the Belize cruise ship terminal. Time on the island is approximately 3.75 hours.

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Belize Goff's Caye Island Getaway and Snorkel Cruise Excursion Reviews


Tiny in size and big on the fun...the private island of Goff's Caye will be a great day.

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Goffs Kaye Belize
natural beauty
     5/5 Visited in June 2018

We had a wonderful low key time with the family. Great food but even better view. I will return!
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Ixam Gainesville, Florida
Wonderful Excursion
     5/5 Visited in May 2017

We went to Goff Caye recently, and it is pretty much as pictured. Lovely island with a great beach and a nice reef nearby. The ride out was long and choppy, so be aware. Once we arrived at the island our boat took us to the ocean side of it for snorkeling. While the reef did not blow us away like at other places (some of the coral was bleached, and the reef was sparser than other locations we seen), it was still a fun experience and the coral and fish were colorful as usual. Afterwards we had an hour and a half to relax on the beach lovely beach and drink rum punch. We also saw a flounder in the shallow areas. My biggest criticism is that they force you to use a life vest during the snorkeling, so you can't dive and get a closer look at the coral. They probably do this to prevent people from touching the coral and hurting it. The other issue is the lack of food options on the island, while I enjoyed the chicken and rice and beans, most of it used coconut which my wife can't eat due to allergy. Just be aware of this problem if you have food allergies. Overall, was an pleasant and enjoyable experience.
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Sharma & Matt Venice, Florida
What a Fabulous Day !!
     5/5 Visited in February 2017

This beautiful tiny island answered our call! The food was FABULOUS, the beach was perfect, the crowds were lacking (which made it perfect) and the snorkeling was to die for.
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     5/5 Visited in January 2017

Unique excursion! The little island is about a 30 minute boat ride out. Arrival thrills the soul - unexpected beauty. Amenities are primitively befitting the isle. Food and drink about the same. Snorkeling was great but water was a little rougher than expected, crew took great care to ensure everyone was watched over, and that a no swimmer was able to participate. Definitely a must do again when we can stay longer.
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d-4.jpg Paradise, USA
     5/5 Visited in June 2016

We had time to shop at the port before boarding the boat to ride out to the island. The boat ride felt long, but I think it was just because we were ready to be on the island. The water was amazing, the beach was good and the snorkeling was great. I would definitely recommend this for pretty much anyone. My husband and I, our 22 year old son and our 7 year old son all had a great time. The food for sale on the island was reasonably priced and delicious. So glad we spent our day on Goff's Caye!!!
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Goffs Caye in Belize Goff's Caye in Belize
Highly recommend!!!! A MUST DO!!!!!!
     5/5 Visited in May 2016

This excursion was THE BEST EVER!!! We did this exact excursion on May 31, 2016 through this website. The tender boat took us from our cruise ship to Belite City and we went left down to I think it was #4 where we found the desk for this excursion. They gave us wristbands and we all got in a speedboat (me age 41, my daughters 16 and 20 and my friend age 63)along with about 20 other people plus 4 Belize guides. We rode in a speed boat at 930 am Belize time approx 30 mins away (not sure, didn't watch the time) to Goff's Caye where everyone got off the boat and changed, went potty, put on sunscreen or went somewhere to lay out and then approx 15 mins later everyone who was going to snorkel got back to the speedboat. The rest stayed on the island. My friend stayed and my 2 daughters and I went with the group who were going to snorkel. I was a brand new snorkelers and my 20yr old had never done it before either. My 16yr old had only tried it in Cozumel the day before. We geared up with the guides assistance and they lowered me into the water from behind cause I was scared and didn't want to jump in. We had life jackets on, snorkel mask and snorkelers along with fins. I brought 2 snorkel masks and snorkeler of my own for me and my 16yr old but the oldest used theirs. My youngest went with 1 group and the oldest and I were in another group. We started snorkeling like pros in the ocean in Belize and I was SOOO proud of myself and both my kids!! I couldnt see my youngest cause she didn't get in my group like she was supposed to but I trusted she was ok. We had at least 1hr or more to snorkel, see coral and fish galore, it was truly amazing!! We all loved it so much and I would do it again in a heartbeat! It's very physical tho as u are using yor arms and legs to swim through the water following the guides who swim off to show u specific coral and fish (they try) but its hard to keep up wits them sometimes but they wait for u. When u get tired just lean back and let ur life jacket float you while you get your breath and just soak in your surroundings. Seeing the coral and fish underneath you is so relaxing and peaceful!!! I SOOO loved this excursion and want to do it again ASAP!!! These guides are amazing and helpful too. He offered to let people go back to the speedboat if they were getting tired or just wanted to stop snorkeling. We didn't return with the 1st few who wanted to end it so the guide came back out to us and showed us more things to see. He was even willing to keep snorkeling after the hour (or longer, I really lost track of time) but later on my daughter and I did go bak to the boat. When everyone was back on it took off back to Goff's Caye where we stayed a few hours just chilling. They had food for purchase, some things they had for sale as souvenirs like wooden bowls handmade etc, jewelry, etc and free rum punch, water bags (not bottles, but in bags, very interesting!) And free fruit punch. I don't drink but I did try the run punch. Pretty good! The island is MAGNIFICENT and by FAR the BEST photos I got on all 4 islands we visited on this cruise. Goff's is so gorgeous, serene, will never want to leave! You will LOVE IT!!!!!!! At the end of like 4hrs I think it was they took us back in the speedboat for another fast and awesome ride back to Belize City and we got more water. It was such an amazing relaxing day with PERFECT weather!!!! Please tip these men also who are your snorkel guides and boat drivers. They are very attentive and very knowledgeable!! Laura from Whiteland, Indiana
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Dougnval Chantilly, VA
Fun remote destination
     4/5 Visited in March 2016

Got off our cruise ship in Belize and the tour company was waiting for us at the dock. Nice folks, but crowded chaotic process. Once it was time for the boat to leave for Goffs Caye, they rounded up the crowd of people and escorted us to a water taxi. About 40 people were on our boat. The ride to Goffs Caye was a tad long and the water was rough,,,don't ride in the back of the boat. It seriously vibrates from the engine. The island was beautiful and remote. Right on a reef. We got off the tour boat, found our spot on the beach, set up camp. The tour took us back out in the boat to snorkel. The snorkeling was "ok",,,not as grand as I would have expected but we did see fish. Just not lots of them. We snorkeled from the boat back to the beach and proceeded to eat lunch. Decent food, local flavor, and lots of rum punch. My only complaint was the fact that this tiny island had 4 boats dropping people off. So by mid day it was mobbed with people. Other than that, it was a fun ride, beautiful beach, good snorkeling, tasty food and drink and excellent friendly staff. We would recommend this excursion to our friends.
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Coach Jay Kissimmee, Florida
One Word... AWESOME!!!!
     5/5 Visited in February 2016

My wife and I booked this excursion to teach her how to swim and snorkel. This Caye superseded our expectations 100 fold. The minute my wife put her head down in the water she was hooked. She had never even swam in a pool before but this little island was magical. All of the people there were beyond helpful and friendly. From the minute we checked in on the dock until we returned several hours later. This is one experience we will carry with us and talk about to our children, grandchildren and friends for many years to come. On all of our future trips to Belize we are definitely going to book this excursion. Don't let the price fool you, I have taken snorkeling and scuba excursions for 3 times the price of this one and didn't have half the fun... Don't miss this one guys... For Real, Jay Day
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Chelsea Oklahoma
Great day trip!
     5/5 Visited in May 2015

A quick boat ride out to Goff's Caye which was small and beautiful. We did not spend much time on the beach we loaded back up on the boat and out to the snorkel area. The staff was great and the equipment was good. Leon was our guide and he was amazing! He took his time to make sure we each comfortable and that we all got a look at the reef. He helped my mom back to the boat when she was too tired to swim. The food was good and then it was time to go. Make sure you wear good water shoes the sand is rough and the pier is long and there are some island ants :)
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Marquez Wellington, FL
Unbelievable trip !
     5/5 Visited in March 2015

This excursion was incredible! Very friendly staff that took care of our every need. We had Hammocks tied to Palm trees, Lobster and Shrimp Kabobs, oh and Rum Punch! Say hi to Glenn!
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