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Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion S3744

Belize, Belize City

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  • Duration
    6 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    3 Years Old
  • Languages


  • Round trip transportation from your Belize cruise tender pier!
  • Air-conditioned, fully licensed and insured transportation!
  • English speaking certified guide!
  • Entrance fee and guided excursion of Lamanai Mayan Ruins!
  • Boat ride down the New River!
  • Panoramic sightseeing thru Belize City!
  • Delicious Belizean Lunch!
  • Complimentary bottled water!

A great combo of history and adventure as you see the countryside of Belize and learn about the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai. Get out and enjoy the country with a boat ride, a hike and a delicious Belizean lunch.

You’ll meet your guide outside of your Belize cruise ship terminal and board your van to travel 49 miles north, about an hour, to the district of Orange Walk. You’ll learn about the various cultures that make up Belize today including the Mennonites who were welcomed into Belize due to their farming skills; Mestizos, born of the union of the indigenous Maya and the Spanish; and Creole, a culture resulting from the intermingling of white European masters with their African slaves. All live in harmony in Belize. Your guide will point out the communities and give you some of their history as you head north towards Lamanai.

At the end of the road you will reach the landing where you will board the boat to start your river journey. There will be facilities available for your use before getting on the boat. The Lamanai Mayan temple is located in the rain forest on the New River Lagoon. The river cruise of 25 miles allows you to see the various flora and fauna indigenous to the area. You can see birds like Belted Kingfishers, Great White Herons, Little Blue Herons, Brown Pelicans, Frigates, Cormorants, Ospreys, Plovers, Pipers and Terns. The river is lined with wetlands and swamps where you can find a vast array of flora including flowering orchids, Ficus, the sacred Mayan ceiba tree and the fast-growing Trumpet Tree. This river is home to crocodiles, Howler monkeys and iguanas as well as a variety of other fauna. Your guide will tell you about the medicinal plants used for trade in the past and still used in medicines today.

When you reach the boat dock at the ruins, you’ll be served a delicious local lunch of rice and beans cooked in coconut milk, chicken stew, fried plantains and coleslaw. A vegetarian option is available upon request when you book. After your lunch, you will start the hike to the ruins themselves. As you traverse the rain forest you’ll see more birds, monkeys and the rich variety of plants.

The Lamanai site is one of the oldest continuously occupied Maya communities in Belize, from about 1500 BC to 1680 AD. The site consists of 100 minor structures, a ball court and 12 major buildings making it one of the largest. You’ll see the ball court, where they played the Mayan game of poc-ta-poc; the Mask Temple, which has two huge carved limestone masks flanking the main stairway;  the Temple of the Mayan Sun God; the Temple of the Jaguar Masks, named for the 2 jaguar faces at the base;  the High Temple, named for its height and the Royal Complex.

These well-preserved ruins are a must see and you'll have about 1.5 hours at the site.  After your exploration of the highlights of the ruins, you’ll be taken back to your Belize tender terminal.

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Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Reviews

Combo of history and adventure as you see the countryside of Belize and learn about the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai. Get out and enjoy the country with a boat ride, a hike and a delicious Belizean lunch.


7 Reviews

Midvale, ID
Totally recommend it.
     5/5  January 2020
It was so interesting! Belize is beautiful and our guide made it looks even more. He shared many information it was so educational. We do not have any favorite part because we really loved everything. We had s such a great time there!
Show Management Response

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, PL
Great trip, beautiful nature, excellent guide, and a bit of Mayan
     5/5  February 2020
The trip was a great fun. Our guide told us a lot about both Belize and Mayan history. We took a crazy boat ride which was lots of fun and then walked through a beautifull tropical forest with great plants and different animals - including monkeys. Mayan ruins in Lamanai are very picturesque and surrounded by palm trees etc. which makes the view even better. A boat ride back to the starting poind and a good lunch before we went back to the port with a car to finish the trip. We are really very satisfied and I think it\'s a perfect option for cruisers!
Show Management Response

United States
Great excursion!
     5/5  June 2019
My family loved this trip to Lamanai. The bus ride was long but our guide made it go by fast with his informative conversation. The river boat ride was lots of fun and my kids enjoyed it. The highlight is getting to climb to the top of a couple of ruins. I would definitely recommend this excursion if you don't mind the distance from port. Our guide was great and everything was organized and we never felt worried about being late for our ship departure time. I would highly recommend using shore excursioneer.
Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Great excursion!Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Great excursion!Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Great excursion!Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Great excursion!Show Management Response

Well Organized Tour with Amazing Mayan Ruins
     5/5  December 2019
Our tour to Lamanai Mayan Ruins was a fantastic experience for me and my family. Locating the local tour company was very easy and without any complications. Our small group was quickly brought to our guide who drove us to the location where we boarded our boat. During the 60min drive our guide share information about the Belize way of live and our upcoming visit to the Mayan Ruins. The 25 mile boat ride up the river was thrilling and once at the ruins our guide ensured we missed any crowds as we learned about the Mayan culture and way of life in Lamanai.
Belize Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari with Lunch Excursion Well Organized Tour with Amazing Mayan Ruins Show Management Response

A great family excursion
     5/5  June 2019
We had a great time at the ruins. Everyone was kind and supportive of our needs to get back on our cruise ship. The only downside was that it was difficult to find them, no one was wearing any clothing labeled with the company’s name. The physical demands were not too much for a wide range of ages (6-60s)
Show Management Response

Allen, Texas, US
Best excursion ever
     5/5  October 2019
We do excursions on almost every stop on every cruise we\'ve taken. I was unsure a bus ride, boat ride and ruins would be a good trip, but we did it for educational purposes for our home-school son. Everything about this trip was great. The bus ride was long enough to see much of the countryside. The guide kept it entertaining and informative. We got a bathroom break at our stop before getting on the boat. The boat ride was even more interesting and informative than the bus ride, with multiple stops to see wildlife (crocs, bats, iguanas and more) and unique plants. We arrived at the dock near the ruins and had one of the best picnic lunches of my life. Oh my, the habanero onions were perfect, the chicken was was warm and flavorful... I could go on. Our guided tour of the ruins was excellent as our tour guide brought everything to life with his knowledge and storytelling. We were even treated to a troop of howler monkeys traversing overhead and another troop howling in the distance. The sound is like a mix of bigfoot and a t-rex, something I\'ll never forget. We had enough time at the pyramids to climb and enjoy the view, visiting multiple fascinating structures. The boat ride back was fast and fun, and I was able to purchase a cold local beer before jumping back on the bus and napping back to Belize City. Best Excursion Ever.
Show Management Response

Newmarket, Ontario, CA
     5/5  December 2019
This was a great excursion. Was the first for us to book through a private tour but was very pleased with the service and organization. Yes it is further than the Altun ruins but well worth it. Our driver/tour guide (don\'t want to spell name for fear it\'s incorrect) was absolutely amazing so informative about the Belizean culture, the ruins, everything and made the bus ride to/from seem not so long. Our boat driver new his way around the river and made for a fun ride (and very courteous). The Lamanai Ruins are a must see...they were quite stunning and well preserved. Our lunch was absolutely delicious...great job on that. Bottom line, book this and you will not be disappointed!
Show Management Response
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7 Customer Reviews
"Well Organized Tour with..."
Eric Nicolai... December 2019
"Great excursion!"
NoNickname June 2019
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