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Shore Excursioneer was created with the goal to provide cruise ship passengers worldwide with extraordinary shore excursions in their ports of call. We pursue this ambition by teaming up with the finest local cruise excursion professionals working together with our experienced staff on innovative development, highest quality standards, exceptional location and product knowledge. We integrate in our state-of-the-art and easily accessible customer service to connect with our honored clients via an inventive e-commerce and website marketing approach.
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This Is What We Do:
We believe in the responsibility and value of providing our customers with the best possible tools, clear and complete information, and accessible assistance throughout the way. We aim to create an enjoyable, efficient and effective decision making tool to assist customers in choosing their desired cruise shore excursions in each port. The local part of our Shore Excursioneer team assures that on site, your needs and wants are taken well care of and expectations exceeded until you are back home with experiences of a lifetime. All the way through, we make sure communication with us is exceptionally accessible to answer any question you may have or assist you in any way possible. When you return from your vacation, we will follow up with you for feedback to continuously improve what we offer truly extraordinary local cruise shore excursions.

Our Team:
The Shore Excursioneer Team consists of successful professionals with extensive experience in cruise line contracted tour and shore excursion operations, cruise line independent tour operations, travel agency B2B business, internet based sales of independent and contracted shore excursions and top level hospitality industry assignments. We have operated in many cruise ports of call serving literally hundreds of thousands of cruise ship passengers as either owners or top level executives. This knowledge and skill base are further greatly enhanced by our in-house IT management who converts ideas and innovative best practices into tangible, user friendly and practical online platforms all supported by efficient and value adding systems and processes.

Whereas, others like to base their competence on amount of years worked, we base ours on an exceptional level of customer satisfaction achieved, provided and maintained. This is what we strive for and this is one of our our ambition and motivation of doing business as Shore Excursioneer.

We have learned to offer solutions rather than promises. 

Why Pioneers? What Sets Us Apart?
We believe in people rather than money. People's satisfaction comes first and we apply this attitude towards our clients, our excursion providers including their staff and local community, as well as our staff and local community. There is simply no other global shore excursion business that can claim to be doing the same.

We trust in value, quality, safety and responsibility. The value of our cruise excursions must be accessible and justified for our clients without compromising quality or safety. We feel responsible to pay a fair and adequate price to our providers so they can provide you the best service and not have the need to cut corners to cover costs. We know that this is the complete opposite of the cruise lines and other agencies policy of 'low bidder wins' and we are extremely proud with our decision.

We are a global website with strong communication and relationship with our local cruise shore excursion partners. We are not just a 'local looking' website administered thousands of miles away without control.

We are the direct on-line representation and shore excursion agency for each local excursion operator; we are not the middleman between operator and another re-seller or mass travel agency. Your travel agent or monster travel website on-line agent will not know any details about a certain tour or destination other than paraphrasing the Internet description.

Our Competitive Guarantees:
Our believes and commitments are not a promise, they are the solution. However, we also count on our customers to take into consideration that this is a people, vehicle, equipment, nature, weather, etc. business and things may an overcooked steak or a flat tire, a hiding fish or the cloud right over you (or a cruise ship motor failure!). To the extent possible, we strive to prevent unwanted and unnecessary situations happening, but as we all know, they can. Nevertheless, if there is some substantial error or issue that happens on our excursions, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to resolve your concerns, which could include up to a complete refund. For more information on our incredibly competitive guarantees, please click on the following link: Our Triple Worry Free Guarantees.

Enjoy our cruise excursions and make sure to share your experiences with everybody out-there, thank you for being a Shore Excursioneer customer!


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