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Freeport Paradise Cove Beach Club Day Pass Excursion

Freeport, Bahamas (Excursion ID S3770)

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11 Reviews
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  • Fully licensed and insured round-trip transportation to Paradise Cove!
  • Flexible return times back to your cruise ship pier!
  • Access to all of the club facilities including chairs, restaurant, and restrooms!
  • 5 package choices for your day!
  • Private beach break day passes to escape the crowds!
  • Options to purchase food and drink ala carte and day pass specials!

For your cruise stop in Freeport, Bahamas treat yourself to a beach day with a day pass to Paradise Cove. Enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf.

You'll meet your transportation outside your Freeport cruise terminal and be driven to the beach club to start your day. Paradise Cove Beach Club offers some of the best snorkeling available on the island. The white powder sandy beach is a great place to watch the ever-changing blues of the ocean. You can catch some sun or hang out under a palm tree. Try some delicious food and drink at the beachside bar and grill at great prices. There is a large sandy beach at this oceanfront club with more rustic charm than a fancy party atmosphere.

You have the option to choose from 5 different packages to enjoy your day at Paradise Cove. There is the Basic Day Pass, the All-Inclusive with Sports Day Pass, and the Day Pass with Kayak, Snorkel, or Stand-Up Paddleboard package. See details of each option below.

What makes the water team with marine life is that just off the beach is both a natural coral reef and an artificial reef established in 2014. The artificial reef is a series of continuous reef balls that act as a breakwater to help restore the shoreline and as a base for a living reef. It's the largest in the Bahamas and attracts teachers with their classes, scientists who want to study reefs, and tourists coming to enjoy great diving and snorkeling. The reef hosts hundreds of species of fish including angelfish, sea turtles, damselfish, parrotfish, squirrelfish, hogfish, grouper, and snapper plus a variety of coral and algae.

At the beach club, you can purchase a special lunch option for $9.50 USD per person which includes a choice of a burger, hot dog, chicken burger, or veggie burger with 1 snack and 1 soft drink or bottled water. The ala carte restaurant and bar are also available if you want to purchase other food and drinks. Try a locally brewed Bahamian beer and some freshly caught fish (available most days). Let the bartender mix you a local favorite called Gully Wash (gin or dark rum, sweetened condensed milk, coconut water, and a dash of bitters) or one of their classic coconut-based cocktails.

You decide how much time you want to spend at Paradise Cove. The Paradise Cove shuttle returns to Freeport at 12:30 PM, 02:30 PM, and 04:30 PM. Guests need to calculate which time fits their cruise ship departure time the best.

Beach Break Watersports Package:

- Beach Lounge Chair (upon availability)
- Welcome Caribbean Rum Drink
- Kayak and Paddle Board (1-hour use each)
- All snorkel equipment including mask, sterilized snorkel tube/mouthpiece, fins, and flotation device

Snorkel Adventure and Beach Break Package:

- All snorkel equipment including mask, sterilized snorkel tube/mouthpiece, fins, and flotation device
- All-day snorkel equipment use

Kayaking Adventure and Beach Break Package:

- 2.5-hour Kayak use
- All Kayaking Equipment and Instructions

Paddle Board Adventure and Beach Break Package:

- 2.5-hour Paddle Board use
- All Paddleboard Equipment and Instructions

Basic Beach Break Package:

- Beach Lounge Chair (upon availability)
- Welcome Caribbean Rum Drink
- Pool Noodle for Swimming

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Item Price Deposit Balance Quantity
Adults Beach Break Watersports Package (12 years and up): $102.99$30.99$72.00
Children Beach Break Watersports Package (ages 11 years and under): $69.99$17.99$52.00
Adults Snorkel and Beach Day Pass (12 years and up): $52.99$12.99$40.00
Children Snorkel and Beach Day Pass (ages 11 years and under): $39.99$11.99$28.00
Adults Kayak and Beach Day Pass (12 years and up): $52.99$12.99$40.00
Children Kayak and Beach Day Pass (ages 11 years and under): $39.99$11.99$28.00
Adults Paddle Board and Beach Day Pass (12 years and up): $49.99$9.99$40.00
Children Paddle Board and Beach Day Pass (ages 11 years and under): $39.99$11.99$28.00
Adults Basic Beach Day Pass (12 years and up): $44.99$12.99$32.00
Children Basic Day Pass (ages 11 years and under): $29.99$9.99$20.00
Price: $102.99
Reserve Now: $30.99
Pay Later: $72.00

Freeport Paradise Cove Beach Club Day Pass Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

Freeport Paradise Cove Beach Club Day Pass Excursion Reviews

Get into the beachy island spirit with a day pass to Paradise Cove in the Bahamas. You can choose from 5 different packages, from just a beach break to a combo that includes some snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle boarding. 


11 Reviews

We had a blast snorkeling seeing over a dozen sessions turtles
     5/5  (Visited on August 2023)
Beach is very small but the sea turtles in the water was amazing! Spends hours snorkeling and following the sea turtles around.
Show Management Response

Muscle Shoals
Worst driver ever
     3/5  (Visited on May 2023)
I have used this company many time's and I’ve never had a problem with our excursions before but my family and I went to Freeport Bahamas paradise cove beach. We were of the boat at 11:30 our tour didn’t start until 1 we finally found someone who could tell us where to go and she asked what time our tour was and we told her 1 this was at 12 she told us to go shopping and come back . We were back at 12:45 . Got on our bus and the driver said he wanted to tell us a story so we thought he was going to tell us about the history of Freeport he did not he started fussing at us because he was there at 9 and he was going to have to make 2 trips now we tried to explain that our boat didn’t even dock till 11:30 and our tour wasn’t till 1 so we was actually early. He was not hearing it he continued to complain. Then he tried to run a truck over because he was in a hurry to get us to the beach. The staff at the beach was great they need better safety measures for snorkeling
Show Management Response

Not the best beach
     3/5  (Visited on September 2022)
The beach chairs are janky and the beach is small.
Show Management Response

Cincinnati, OH
The Best Kept Secret in Freeport!
     5/5  (Visited on August 2022)
Paradise Cove is truly a slice of paradise. We got off our cruise ship and met our tour guide, Mr. Parker waiting in the freeport terminal area. After picking up passengers from the Margaritaville in the neighboring pier, we were on our way. After a quick half hour drive with great commentary by Mr. Parker, we arrived to one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. It is a beautiful reef area that feels out of a movie. The snorkeling was unbelievable. In an hour of snorkeling we came across about 6 different sea turtles, a sting ray, and dozens of sea species. I could have spent hours just watching the turtles glide effortlessly from the sea floor to the surface, snacking on jellyfish (thank you turtles!) The reef does require a bit of effort to get out to the artificial reef balls (about 100 yards), and even farther to get to the rock wall. However with the assistance of a belt and fins it is absolutely worth it to go to the back side of the rock wall where the coral and wildlife truly shines. The facilities on the beach were also great. Drinks were cold and strong, food was fresh and tasty, and prices were very reasonable especially when you compare to your standard resort. If we ever come back to Freeport, we will do whatever it takes to visit Paradise cove again!
Show Management Response

Jacksonville, AR
Snorkeling was the best we have seen yet.
     5/5  (Visited on May 2022)
Our driver on the ride out there was very informative. Upon arrival, things were a bit confusing, and after looking around we were skeptical about our decision to be here. After selecting where we wanted our chairs set up, a gentleman placed them exactly where we asked, but an umbrella was not included so we went back up and paid the $7 for that much-needed shade. Following a very thorough lesson advising us on where not to "walk" or "stand", what to do and not do, and going over a map of the layout and where to see what, we were set free to explore. Walking across the very shallow rock bed for quite a distance was a bit difficult because you had to really watch your foot placement to ensure stability, but WOW the rewards of what is out there to see are phenomenal. Quite literally swimming with sea turtles in one section! On the "other side of the rocks" are the most beautiful coral reef area and marine life! We were just in awe. If you want to venture out there, be a strong swimmer because it is quite a distance, but so worth the time and effort. Be sure to bring your camera or a waterproof case for your phone.
Show Management Response

Really enjoyed this
     5/5  (Visited on October 2021)
Warned us ahead of time it was too murky for snorkeling. Gave us a drink and a $5 credit since we couldn't really snorkel. Food was excellent.
Show Management Response

Pennsylvania, US
The very best day!
     5/5  (Visited on February 2020)
Omgosh, this was the best day! From pickup to drop-off everything was great. We will Definitely go to Paridise Cove again anytime we are fortunate enough to be in Freeport! The beach and water is beautiful, beer cold and food delicious! I still rave about the grilled conch we had, makes my mouth water even still!!!
Show Management Response

The best spot
     5/5  (Visited on January 2020)
The day at the resort was absolutely perfect. The hotel is not that big and/or crowded which makes it more relaxed.
Show Management Response

North Jackson, OH
A great resort for couples
     5/5  (Visited on February 2020)
The cove beach resort was an amazing option for me and my husband as we wanted something beautiful, comfortable, with great service but not crowded. We choose, of course the All-Inclusive package to enjoy the water sports and we did not have to worried to \"eat all that we can\" because for only 9 USD we got a perfect meal and a couple of great priced drinks. I absolutely recommend this for people like us, looking for fancy adventures.
Show Management Response

Salt Lake City, UT
     5/5  (Visited on September 2018)
We can not wait to go here again next cruise. Paradise Cove was not too crowded, we had a great time. There were alot of activities to do other than just laying on the beach but that part was good too! We also had some super cold beer and tasty food at the restaurant there. Great day and really, really fun.
Show Management Response

Manchester, NH
Super relaxing
     4/5  (Visited on April 2019)
My husband and I really liked this place, so much that we would like to go back again on our next cruise! Love it!
Show Management Response
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