Local Shore Excursion Operators

If you are a local Shore Excursion and/or Tour operator in one of the worldwide cruise ports of call (whether we have presence in this cruise port or not), we are interested talking with you. Gone are the days where cruise lines take more than 60% of markup commissions and travel agencies negotiating unfair credit and commission terms, which led to high prices for the customer, low-cost pressure operations and a sense of dependability. Their business is sinking...ours is growing as our cruise excursion business model is based on a sustainable way of customer service, promotion, price competitiveness, innovation, customer satisfaction and returning clients. Everybody has to make a living and every client deserves a fair price for quality experiences, simple and straight.
Enjoy our Cruise Excursions in the numerous Cruise Ports of Call and check back regularly, we are adding new Shore Excursion experiences and new destinations on a daily basis!   - ShoreExcursioneer C.E.O.
New partners are welcome!
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