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Cozumel Mr. Sanchos Beach Water Park S1306

Cozumel, Mexico

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8 Reviews
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    All Ages
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  • 100% Deposit Back Guarantee for cancellations at any time and for any reasons (weather, mood, etc)!
  • Enormous floating water park!
  • Lots of climbing icebergs, slides, trampolines and much more!
  • Access to Mr. Sancho's beach club facilities such as swimming pool, restrooms, chairs and others!
  • Great fun for everyone!

Giant in size and giant in fun! Come to enjoy the famous Mr. Sanchos Water Park. For the best value, add this onto your Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass and enjoy all you can eat food and open bar!

This is the largest floating Water Park around. Located just off the beach at Mr. Sanchos in a roped off area, you will find a huge variety of fun stuff to do in the floating Water Park. Try your hand at the climbing icebergs, water trampoline, seesaws, bridges, floats, slides and more to do. You choose if you want to spend a few minutes or all day! There is no set time and you may go in and out of the Water Park as you wish. Mr. Sanchos closes at 05:00 PM.

This is a great add-on activity if you have purchased a Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass that includes all you want food and all you can drink open bar! You may also do the Water Park as an activity on its own and pay for food and drinks as you go. You may use the beach facilities such as the swimming pool, chairs, restrooms, etc. Note that there are separate sides and facilities for the All Inclusive guests and the pay as you go guests.

There are many additional activities you can add to your Water Park to increase your fun level such as jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, horseback riding, etc at extra costs. Please see the "other activities on-site" shown below.

NOTE: You do not need to pay an entrance fee into Mr. Sanchos to do this activity. There is a pay as you go side that does not require fee and is separated from the All Inclusive side.

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Cozumel Mr. Sanchos Beach Water Park Reviews

The perfect add-on activity to make your Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass even more fun! Enjoy the trampolines, climbing icebergs and more.


8 Reviews

Great Fun!
     5/5 Visited July 2017
My son and husband loved these blow ups. They had hours of fun out in the water on them. Not too crowded.
Cozumel Mr. Sanchos Beach Water Park Great Fun!Show Management Response

Eater Park in Cozumel
Fun Day !
     5/5 Visited July 2018
Best value! More bang for your buck ! I would definitely recommend! My 5 yr old grandson enjoyed the water park , beach and pool very much and the grandpa enjoyed the WIFI. Food was very good too ! Can’t ask for more !
Show Management Response

Mr . Sancho’s Cozumel
Mr . Sancho’s
     5/5 Visited July 2018
This was the best place to vacation !! My kids loved it , staff was great and food was delicious !!!
Show Management Response

ideal for children
     5/5 Visited April 2016
I added this activity to our Mr. Sanchos day pass for my 6 and 8 years old children, they had such a great time jumping and climbing. If you are traveling on your own and with small children you should consider this, they have lifeguards on the water park so you can just sit back and relax while your children play.
Show Management Response

better than i thought it would be
     5/5 Visited February 2014
This place was great. The water park was a lot of fun but it was hard for me to climb the iceberg. We stayed out there all day.
Show Management Response

College Station
way fun
     5/5 Visited January 2014
you have got to do this if you go to Sanchos Beach. it was so much fun. loved Spring break in Cozumel.
Show Management Response

     5/5 Visited September 2013
Show Management Response

hours of fun
     5/5 Visited July 2013
We were at the beach the whole day and my kids never left the water park at Mr. Sanchos. This was the best money spent the entire vacation!
Show Management Response
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Fun Day !
GonzoEater Park in Cozu...
July 2018
Mr . Sancho’s
Stacy JohnsonMr . Sancho’s Co...
July 2018
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