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Livorno Private San Gimignano and Volterra Sightseeing Excursion S2094

Florence, Italy

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  • Duration
    9 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    All Ages
  • Languages
    EN | FR | ES


  • Roundtrip private transportation from your Livorno Cruise pier!
  • Air-conditioned and fully licensed private transportation!
  • English speaking private certified driver/guide!
  • Free time in San Gimignano and Volterra!
  • Escape the cruise ship shore excursion crowds and enjoy unique sights of Tuscany and surrounding area!

Don't waste your day with an overcrowded cruise ship sponsored excursion. Enjoy a more personal, small group excursion to two of Tuscany's best hill towns with your private driver and private transportation!

This excursion is for up to 8 participants. For larger groups, please see our Livorno Private San Gimignano and Volterra with Guide Excursion.

After meeting your English speaking driver, you will set out in your air-conditioned transport for the approximately 90-minute drive to the unique San Gimignano. The driver will give commentary only while you are inside the vehicle. During the 7th century, the hilltop was a walled city. In the 1200s, due to conflict between families, tower houses began to spring up. In an attempt to have the showiest, the families continued to build and add on until there were more than 70 tower homes looming over the town, the tallest being 230 feet tall. Today, there are 14 towers remaining, which gives the town its nickname, the Italian Manhattan. In 1990 UNESCO added the entire Historic Center to its World Heritage List.

You will have free time to explore the Piazza della Cisterna, the main square of the town. The Piazza Duomo is home to the Collegiate Church, whose frescos were saved from the Nazis in the 1999 film "Tea with Mussolini." You can also see the Palazzo Communale and the mayor's Palazzo Podesta.

Your next stop is the Etruscan town of Volterra, approximately 40 minutes to the west. This hilltop has been inhabited since the 8th century BC. Much of what you see today dates from 1200 AD to the present. The town is famous as a setting for the Twilight series of books and films although no actual filming was done here.

Stroll the Piazza dei Priori, one of Italy's most impressive squares, which dates from the 1200s. View Roman ruins, explore the Etruscan Museum with its bronzes, urns and terra cotta sculptures. The Church of San Francisco has impressive frescoes, sculptures and paintings. Your guide can also suggest where you might dine on some traditional Tuscan cuisine and wine.

All too soon, it is time to rejoin your driver and transportation for the 1 hour 20-minute drive back to your Livorno cruise pier.

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Livorno Private San Gimignano and Volterra Sightseeing Excursion Reviews

Private excursion to two of Tuscany's famed cities San Gimignano and Volterra. Private driver/guide and transportation for your small group. Get the most out of your day!


2 Reviews

Calgary, Alberta, CA
Our best day tour!
     5/5  October 2019
Laura was our guide for the day. She picked us up right at the port on time! She was so prepared for our day together. She was very well spoken. She took us up to Volterra and gave us highlights along the way. Once we were there, she took us around the quaint town and took us to the most amazing sights! She was so passionate about the area. We had some rain that day, and she brought umbrellas for us! We went through San Gimignano area and wandered through the streets! She gave us the highlights but always allowed us to have time to wander on our own! She was always giving us history and information on the areas! We went to a quaint winery on our tour for an authentic Italian lunch which was outstanding! We did a wine tour before our meal. The food was so good and so was the wine. Laura was always making sure that our needs were met and that we were enjoying the trip. If you can have a tour with Laura, I highly recommend it! Thank you for the amazing day!
Show Management Response

     5/5  June 2016
Our guide met us right at the port, from the beginning of the excursion he shared lots of information about Italian culture and lifestyle. San Gimignano historic center is so impressive, retaining it's feudal appearance and atmosphere. It was like a step back in time spot. Then our guide took us to Volterra which was phenomenal as well. I would have never imagined that apart from Rome there were other places with so much history and charm.
Show Management Response
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2 Customer Reviews
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