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Roatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion

Roatan, Honduras (Excursion ID S1314)

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  • Duration
    4 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    5 Years Old
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Round-trip transportation from your Roatan cruise terminal (Coxen Hole and Port of Roatan Mahogany Bay)!
  • Entrance fees to the nature park and Roatan Zip Line park are included!
  • English-speaking certified zip line shore excursion guides!
  • All necessary zip line equipment!
  • 13 zip lines to enjoy!
  • Enjoy the view from 7 suspension bridges high among the trees!

Admire Roatan's luscious jungle with this amazing zip line adventure! This is a one-of-a-kind excursion where you will experience and enjoy the wilder side of this beautiful Caribbean Island.

Cruise ship passengers arriving at Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay port will be picked up near the cruise ship terminal. The friendly and professional staff will welcome you aboard your transportation where you will enjoy a scenic drive to the zip line park, just a short 20-minute ride away.

Situated on 28 acres of tropical jungle, there are lots of tropical wildlife, plants, hanging vines, fruit trees, lizards, and much more! Of course, there are also restrooms, a changing area, and a small snack bar for your comfort. But first, your guide will provide you with safety instructions and a small briefing on what to expect.

The first part of this Roatan excursion will be the walkway through the jungle. 7 suspension bridges are rated the strongest as well as the longest in the western Caribbean, measuring 150 to 200 feet and having a capacity of 10 people at a time. The hike through the walkways and bridges will be about 30-45 minutes. Your guide will point out the flora and fauna along the way. Have your camera ready for the amazing wildlife sightings!

The next part of your adventure takes you to one of the best zip-line canopy outfits. With 16 platforms set up in the jungle trees, this zip line course was constructed with safety and fun in mind. The guides have been trained and only the best equipment is used.

Your certified Roatan cruise excursion guides will explain everything before getting you into your harness and have you follow them out to the first platform. Once you have your safety gear on, the guide will clip your harness onto the cable. Ready, set...go!!! Gravity will do its job and zip you over to the next platform! Another guide will be waiting and help you unclip. There are 16 platforms and 13 zipline runs ready for you to enjoy. You will be treated to some incredible views.

Once your shore excursion group has finished the zip lining, you will take a small break at the snack shop where you can purchase some snacks and cold drinks. You will then hike back to the entrance of the park where your transportation will be ready to take you back to your Roatan cruise ship terminal.

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Roatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

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Roatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Reviews

Experience the Roatan Jungle on this fun combo adventure shore excursion with treetop walkways, suspension bridges, and zip lines too. The best, most fun, and exciting Roatan excursion combo!


13 Reviews

St Louis
Loved the zip line!
     5/5  (Visited on February 2020)
We just got back from our tour and I wanted to report that we loved the zip line of the tour. The workers were amazing and obviously good at their jobs. I’m 67 and my husband is 65. Don’t think you’re too old to do this! If you’re in decent shape, you can do it. Neither of us are in super good shape, but we made it through and enjoyed every minute of it. The Eco Walkways and Suspension bridges were pretty good, too. Probably would have enjoyed it more if we hadn’t worn ourselves out of the zip line! The tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable, we didn’t see very much other than trees and leaves and vines etc. We bought the zip line pictures on a thumb drive, but won’t be able to enjoy them until we get home to the laptop computer!
Show Management Response

Fun adventure!
     5/5  (Visited on February 2019)
We had a great time Zip Lining with the awesome tour guides who made it safe and fun. It's a short bus ride from the port where you'll be quickly setup with a harness, helmet and given a safety demonstration and you're off. They don't mess around, and even with a group of 12 everyone is quickly zipping between station to station. There is a photographer who will take some nice shots and you can purchase all the photos which will be put on a thumb drive for you to take home. The cost is $15 which is a no brainer. You can bring your own camera or use your cell phone, just make sure it's on a tether so you don't drop it. You can rent a locker for $2 before you set off if needed. The Eco walk was ok, our guide was very nice and informative, but it's a walk in a forest to see the plant life and maybe some lizards and snakes. It's nothing super special but worth it if you're interested in that sort of thing. We only really cared about the Zip Lining which we would do again.
Show Management Response

Loved IT
     5/5  (Visited on August 2018)
It was a blast. Will definitely do this again on the next trip.
Show Management Response

United States
Loved the Ziplining
     5/5  (Visited on December 2018)
The meeting location was easy to find, and after a short wait, we were on our way up the mountain to the ziplining course. Our ship was late arriving, so we were forced to cut the excursion in half, in order to make it back onboard, prior to the last tender. The company was accommodating and made sure we were able to start ziplining right away, so we would not be late. Aaron, the tour guide, took our 9 year old under his wing and tethered him down the zips the entire trip. He took excellent care of him and made him feel comfortable as we flew down the mountain. We were able to see iguanas sunning themselves in the tree canopies and the view was spectacular. The trip back up the mountain in the truck was a little scary, as there were large potholes, so that was an adventure itself. They had a spider monkey at the top, who sat on top of our heads. Our children absolutely loved this. We ended up with a different driver heading back to port, so we wouldn't miss our boat. We were able to stop for souvenirs along the road on the trek back, which were reasonably priced.
Show Management Response

Cozumel, Mexico
Best Day!
     5/5  (Visited on November 2018)
The zip lining was the BEST!!! Our 6 guides were entertaining and knowledgeable and helpful! I wish we could go back for another round. The suspension bridge part of our excursion was a little less exciting. But all in all, definitely one of my favorite days at port!
Show Management Response

N Miss
     5/5  (Visited on January 2018)
We truly didn't want it too end. Brent and Josh were top notch and 1st rate. They care, and they helped make our rainy/misty day perfect. It was a gloomy day (beach was out) this was perfect! Thank you.Would do it again.
Show Management Response

Zipping along
     5/5  (Visited on October 2016)
We loved the zip line and the eco walk. The zip lines were fun and the guides on the zip line were very experienced and very patient with us. What a rush. What a great time. The pictures that were taken while we were ziplining were really great and worth the extra expense. The young woman who took us on the eco walk was very knowledgeable. I loved to learn about what all the flora and fauna has been used for. My only advice, which has nothing to do with the tour, is make sure you are dropped off inside the (terminal) area or know that if you decide to walk outside of the (area) you will probably be "helped" by a self-designated tour guide who will expect to be paid for his services once you go into the (area). Again this has nothing to do with the tour and something we encountered because of a choice we made and nothing that the company who took us on the zip line or the eco walk did. This was our own mistake in walking outside of the secure area.
Show Management Response

Fayetteville, AR
First time, it was wonderful
     5/5  (Visited on September 2016)
The walk to catch the bus for the excursion was a distance, plus steep, but it was so worth it. The driver was so good about describing where we were, what to expect and the landscape was hills and curves and he made it fun. He even took a detour to a sandy beach, drove on it, and talked to us about the difference in beaches. His narrative was quite interesting. The zip line was soooo much fun! I cannot describe. I was the oldest, a bit apprehensive at times, but did it with gusto. You can go tandem, which was fun as well. then we skipped the Eco walk because it was so hot, we wanted to get in the water. The beach was nice, the water was good because it was not all shallow. The "hawkers" were bothersome though. It didn't take long to get shoulder high and you can float, just your body. I didn't snorkel, but a friend did and she said it was nice. Watch the time, it can be easy to miss the bus because ship time and Roatan time differ by one hour. The bus ride back was through the town. The driver was from there, so he had a lot of good comments. I loved the local color.
Show Management Response

zip line was qreat
     4/5  (Visited on September 2016)
The Zip lines where great and very safe. the guides where very helpful. i would skip the supension brigdes and eco walways.
Show Management Response

Fort Worth, Texas
     5/5  (Visited on November 2015)
REALLY enjoyed this tour! The guides at this excursion are fabulous and they really took the time to make sure we had a great time. Beautiful views as you zip along...enjoy!
Show Management Response

Westtown nY
Your going to LOVE this!
     5/5  (Visited on March 2016)
The tour guides are wonderful, and they make your ZIPPING fun and safe. They explain what is needed to be done at each different line. This was the first time we ever did ziplineing, and my whole family will do it again! It was very easy to find the company after we got off of our ship, and HIGHLY recommend this company to have an awesome time on your vacation! After we were done zipping, we took the ECO walk. It was very informative, and an easy walk. The high bridges were fun, and at the end, there was a 64 stairs down, and a 84 step up stairs back to your ride back to the boat. It was VERY easy. You will have a BLAST!!!
Show Management Response

Great Family Adventure
     5/5  (Visited on June 2015)
We don't do Ziplining, So this was the next best thing. Small groups of 10 walk with a guide that tells you all about the jungle life. Making stops along the way to point out & explain the life. The bridges are well built and strong cable type with safety netting so children can't fall out. The guide will also help you take a picture while on any of the bridges, No need to for a Pro to do it, because they are very good Photographers too. It is a lot of walking and stairs to do. And the only bad part (for older folk) is the end where the last set of stairs are tough to climb after all the walking you do. The beach was nice but was a little crowded since the resort next door was overflowing into our resort side of beach. The worst thing is having to walk up hill outside terminal to get to the meeting sight just outside the Port Terminal walls, BUT They do bring you back directly to the terminal at end of escursion. We Enjoyed it and would do it again next time there.
Roatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Great Family AdventureRoatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Great Family AdventureRoatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Great Family AdventureRoatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Great Family AdventureRoatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges, and Zip Line Adventure Excursion Great Family AdventureShow Management Response

Not for the scaredy cats out there!
     5/5  (Visited on September 2013)
This is perfect for adventure lovers but do not go if you have a thing against heights! It started off the walkways and suspension bridges thru the trees. If that is all the tour would have had, it would have been great but nooooo you get ziplining too. This was just so much fun.
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 Hope for another awesome experience!! 
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Sharon J Denver, Colorado, US 3 days ago
Always a great value and trustworthy I have used this site many times and never...
 Always a great value and trustworthy I have used this site many times and never been disappointed 
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 Frequent visitors! We love Mr Sanchos. Always a good day! 
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Its easy to book and hopping its a great adventure
 Its easy to book and hopping its a great adventure 
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 Thanks for taking care of us, ShoreExcursioner!! 
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 We love you guys and always try to book through you when possible!!! 
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