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Cozumel Fish Spa Pedicure Experience S1693

Cozumel, Mexico

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  • Duration
    30 min
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    All Ages
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  • 30 minute pre-arranged fish pedicure!
  • 100% sterilized, safe and sanitized!
  • Completely organic!
  • Smoother, cleaner, more beautiful skin!
  • Great add-on to your Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass!

By far this will be the most unique excursion on your vacation. Enjoy having your feet "nibbled" and "sucked" by a tank of tiny fish - the one and only Fish Spa Pedicure!

You will meet at Mr. Sanchos Beach Club for your pre-arranged appointment where you will be directed to the Fish Spa located inside the property - entrance fee into Mr. Sanchos is not needed. This is the perfect add-on activity to your All Inclusive Day Pass though or something you can do on its own separately.

You will be greeted and be given a brief introduction about what to expect. Our fish are called Garra Rufas or Doctor Fish. They are toothless carp that nibble off dead skin. The treatment originated in the hot springs of Turkey but the fish spas have spread all over the world. Fish Pedicures have been featured on TV as seen on "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's".

Then you will sit down on one of the comfortable cushioned benches and your feet will go into one of the large lucite tanks. The tiny, finger-sized fish will kiss away the dead skin on your feet. The sensation may bring on peals of laughter, a gentle smile and most everyone finds this unique experience very relaxing. The fish are toothless so biting is not a possibility! This is a fun activity for guests of all ages and men are equally welcome!

Not only will your feet come out smooth and soft after your 30 minute session but the fish also emit an enzyme that rejuvenates the skin. The water is sanitized/purified every 8 minutes via a light system. Contrary to common belief, these fish are feed "fish" food on a daily basis. This particular type of carp gets hungrier the more it eats.

At the end of your appointment, you may choose to stay at the beach club either with your Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass or on the pay as you go side. There are many additional activities you may do onsite as well - see other activities listings. You are welcome to leave when you are finished - there are plenty of taxis waiting to take you where you wish whether it is back to the ship, shopping, sightseeing, etc.

The Cozumel Mr. Sanchos Beach property includes a huge strip of beach where you will have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy yourself.

With the  Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass , you will have your choice of anything and everything you want off the special Mr Sanchos Beach All Inclusive Menu: Mexican Salsa with Chips, Guacamole with Chips, Sanchos Nachos (Chicken, Beef or Shrimp), Caribbean Fries, French Fries, Seafood Soup, Cheese Quesadillas (Chicken, Beef or Shrimp), Coconut Shrimp (FAVORITE!), Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Ceviche, Shrimp any Style, Whole Fried Fish, Tacos (Chicken, Fish, Beef or Shrimp), Chicken Fajitas, Beef Fajitas, Gourmet Hamburger with Cheese or/and Bacon, Chicken Breast Sandwich, Hot Dogs (turkey), Ice Cream, etc.

A new, a buffet is available apart from ordering from the menu at Mr. Sanchos Beach Club and part of the Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass.

There is also an open bar included on the All Inclusive Day Pass of the following drinks: Margaritas and Daiquiris (Strawberry, Tamarindo, Peach, or Mango),  Cocktails (Mr. Sanchos Special , Iguana Rana, Mango Madness, Miami Vice, Sex on the Beach, Dirty Monkey, Ticket to Fly, Banana Mama, Blue Lagoon, Long Island Ice Tea), Congas, Cold Coconut (FAVORITE!),   Beers (Sol or Dos Equis Lager), Sodas (Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta), Fresh Juices/Waters (Horchata, Jamaica and Tamarindo), Ice Tea, Water, and Lemonade

Note: All water and ice is purified. Import beers are not included. Shots are not served.

There are a wide variety of amenities and activities that are included as well: snorkel equipment, ocean kayaks, lockers, private beach side tables with umbrellas, beach chairs, lounge beds, swim up pool bar, fresh water showers, changing rooms, beach volleyball, ping pong, hammocks, separate swimming area, and more! Note: The pay as you go side at Mr. Sanchos Beach Club and the All Inclusive Day Pass side are separated and do not have the same amenities included.

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Cozumel Fish Spa Pedicure Experience Reviews

The most unique, entertaining and fun pedicure imaginable...let the fish kiss your toes! Safe, hygienic, painless and leaves your feet soft and smooth!


5 Reviews

London, USA
Love love loved it!!!!
     5/5  May 2017
It was awesome! My aunt and I loved it it tickled a little.
Cozumel Fish Spa Pedicure Experience Love love loved it!!!!Cozumel Fish Spa Pedicure Experience Love love loved it!!!!Show Management Response

Fairhope AL
Fantastic experience!
     5/5  April 2017
Been seeing this the last few times we've gone to Mr Sancho's. My wife insisted that I give it a try this visit. It was incredible to have all those little fish nibbling on my feet and toes. The foot massage that followed was wonderful and I left feeling renewed.
Show Management Response

Fun, interesting experience
     5/5  May 2017
Well... I did this just because most of the other people in my group wanted to do it. I didn't think there would be much to it. I was wrong- it was a lot of fun. First, they clean off your feet before you put them in the tank. Once you set in the very comfortable seats, you put your feet down into a clear tank filled with a bunch of little fish. It's a strange sensation to say the least. It feels like tiny electrical impulses running up your legs (in a good way). It's a hoot. After your fish time, they dry your feet off and then scrub your feet for several minutes with some type of lotion. They do a really good job. My feet never looked so good. This was well worth the money and I tipped my "foot rub girl" extra just because she did such a good job. Everyone in my group loved it.
Show Management Response

Loved it!
     5/5  October 2017
My son and I had this done while at Mr. Sancho's, and it was so much fun! It was definitely a new experience, but it was so worth it. Having the video done by them made it something we'll NEVER FORGET, and the service was AMAZING
Show Management Response

Murrells Inlet,SC
Loved it!!
     5/5  February 2016
Absolutely will do this again!! Owners were very friendly and they even video you and send it to your email ( free) and I love my T-. Shirt too!! We will be back!!
Show Management Response
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Dino G Waterford, Michigan, US 7 days ago
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 I have booked many times with you always great. 
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Eric S Bismarck, Missouri, US 10 days ago
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Christopher P Winter Haven, FL, US 16 days ago
You have been great to work with through the years!
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