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Curacao Diving Excursions & Diving Cruise Shore Excursions in Curacao - Enjoy our selected list of Diving Excursions in Curacao while in Curacao cruise port by Shore Excursioneer, the leading independent Cruise Shore Excursion Expert Worldwide!
Curacao Sea Trek Helmet Dive Underwater Walk Excursion
Curacao Sea Trek Helmet Dive Underwater Walk Excursion
  • Optional round-trip transportation (extra charge payable onsite)!
  • All instruction and Sea Trek diving equipment is provided!
  • English-speaking shore excursion guides!
  • Storage for bags included!
  • Your head stays dry inside the Sea Trek diving helmet!
  • Water shoes!
  • Use of showers included!
Admire the wonders of the underwater world on this one-of-a-kind walking excursion in Curacao! Take a walk on the seafloor at the Pier of Mari Pampoen and enjoy the beautiful coral banks and even feed all the fish around! Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this incredible adventure!
Full refund for cancellations 24+ hours in advance.
Activity Level: Low
Minimum Age: 8 Years Old
Excursion ID:  S6287
Duration: 1 hours
Languages: EN
From USD $11999 Reg Price: USD $130.00