Mediterranean & Black Sea

Mediterranean and Black Sea Cruise Ports and Shore Excursions

Full of history, cultural and amazing sightseeing, the ports in the Mediterranean and Black Sea cruise ship itineraries are sure to intrigue each traveler.

Turkey is full of impressive scenery and rich history. The country has something to attract every individual. The bustling big city of Istanbul is not only known for its shopping and commercialism but also its vibrant colors and cobblestoned streets. On arrival to the cruise ship port, you cannot help but notice the pretty harbor you enter. As east meets west, explore the mosques and Sultan's treasures with hidden bazaars and holy landmarks. You must not forget your camera while on one of our Black Sea and Mediterranean Cruise Excursions! Visit Pamukkale - the cotton castle, and its beautiful rock pools. Take in Bodrum Castle,  now a fascinating museum. Enjoy the view from Mount Nehmut or try to count all the 20,000 tiles of the Blue Mosque! Take a sightseeing shore excursion to Basilica Hagia Sophia!

Explore the biggest city in Greece, Athens. Laced with neoclassical buildings and many pedestrian only streets, it hosted the 2004 Olympic Games. With monuments of over 2500 years, you must see the famous Acropolis! The nearby perfectly picturesque Santorini, and its capital, Fira, is scattered with whitewashed buildings in contrast to its black pebble beaches. Enjoy Mykonos, a Cycladic town, or Kefalonia - home to the best beach in Greece, Myros Beach. Gawk in amazement at the Delphi Theatre, a collection of various suspended monasteries on our Mediterranean and Black Sea Shore Excursions!

Sail through one of Venice's 150 canals on a fairytale like gondola! Take in the beautiful wealth of art which this city can offer you on our cruise excursions. Founded in 753 BC, Rome powerfully astounds you by its architecture and history on the empire and kingdom it is so proud of. Enjoy a mixture of Mythic, Renaissance and Baroque character surrounding you as you visit piazzas and palaces. No visit to Rome is complete without seeing Pompeii, the leaning tower of Pisa or the astounding Colosseum. However if you have already visited the big two, why not head up to Positano on the charming Amalfi coast.

Fringed by Croatia's blue sea, historic architecture, rolling countryside and picturesque fountains, Dubrovnik is known as the "pearl of the Adriatic". Visit the 16 interlinked lakes of Plitvice. Enjoy a view of the Hvar Bay and its yachts.  Pass through pretty olive groves. Enjoy a view of the Pula Arena roman monument. There are many options for exploring Croatia on one of our Black Sea and Mediterranean Cruise Shore Excursions!

Discover the port of Valletta in Malta. At the southernmost tip of Europe, lies a country not only ruled by Romans but also French, British, Arab and Normans. The result is a fascinating influence of character seen in the design of cathedrals, palazzos and museums. Enjoy fabulous shopping or a beautiful view of Grand Harbor. Take a visit to one of the fortresses or Prehistoric temples.  From Malta War Museum to City Gate, there is plenty to see including Freedom Square and St John's Cathedral.

Explore Egypt through its mosques, pyramids and temples, many of which are offered through our Black Sea and Mediterranean Cruise Excursions. Enjoy a camel ride in Dahab or a journey down the River Nile. Discover marine life while snorkeling or learn about the ancient gods at The Valley of the Kings or Temple of Karnak. The Giza Necropolis will astound you!

From scaling the mountain fortress of Masada by cable car to discovering Israel's capital city of Jerusalem, you will be educated in a fun and enjoyable custom on our shore excursions. Visit the Sea of Galilee and learn more on its surrounding agriculture.

Spoil yourself with a visit to Cote d'Azur - the Blue Coast. Dotted with breathtaking art by the famous Matisse and Picasso but to name a few, the French Riviera lets you see how the rich and famous live! 

Enjoy discovering the Catalonian center of commerce, Barcelona. Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, this city was developed by Romans. Whether it's a visit to a local restaurant to try paella or a visit to the Sagrada Familia church, have your camera ready to snap the colorful Spanish flair.

With famous dry summers and wet winters, the Mediterranean will definitely succeed in tantalizing your taste buds! Rich in flavor, spices and various peppers are used for simple seasoning. Countries fringed by The Black Sea offer various unique fish dishes as well as typical cuisine such as Muhlama - a type of cheese fondue. Side dishes from salads to couscous and anchovies or "hamsi" as they are locally known are a must try!

Take in the beauty of Constanta, Romania with its stunning museums, mosques and cathedrals. Visit Ovidlus Square and the towering 26ft Genoese lighthouse.

Enjoy our unique and selected Black Sea and Mediterranean Cruise Shore Excursions by Shore Excursioneer!

Barcelona Cruise Excursions 22 excursions
Cadiz Cruise Excursions 7 excursions
Cannes Cruise Excursions 9 excursions
Civitavecchia Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Dubrovnik Cruise Excursions 7 excursions
Florence Cruise Excursions 11 excursions
Funchal Cruise Excursions 2 excursions
Lisbon Cruise Excursions 4 excursions
Livorno Cruise Excursions 11 excursions
Madeira Cruise Excursions 2 excursions
Malaga Cruise Excursions 1 excursion
Mallorca Cruise Excursions 9 excursions
Marseilles Cruise Excursions 3 excursions
Monaco Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Monte Carlo
Nice Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Palma de Mallorca Cruise Excursions 9 excursions
Palma de Mallorca
Pisa Cruise Excursions 11 excursions
Rome Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Seville Cruise Excursions 7 excursions
Split Cruise Excursions 2 excursions
Valletta Cruise Excursions 1 excursion
Villefranche (Nice) Cruise Excursions 8 excursions
Villefranche (Nice)

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